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Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

ArmorThane Continues Expansion Into New Territory


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[Springfield, MO, December 2019] — ArmorThane continues to expand it’s reach by adding several new locations throughout the world this year including, Japan, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and now South Korea.



South Korea recently hosted the owner of ArmorThane, Garry Froese. Garry gave an in-depth presentation covering many aspects of the polyurea business at Busan National University. In attendance were government officials, educators, faculty, military representatives as well as students from the University. ArmorThane recently partnered with InPark Foundation and has high expectations for the Korean market. Garry went into detail on this partnership while also covering specifics on the growing Polyurea market both inside and outside Korea. InPark anticipates some extraordinary financial numbers going forward -with prognostications of over 5 billion in sales per year. ArmorThane and InPark Foundation Co. plan on taking advantage of the vast experience both companies have in construction reinforcement, blast mitigation, containment projects and other Polyurea based projects.

ArmorThane has been a consistent leader in the polyurea protective coatings and linings industry for over three decades. It has established itself as a leader in the protective coatings field by developing quality products and solutions for original equipment manufacturers and contractors globally. By combining the expertise of the two companies, we forecast the next few years to be an upward trajectory. Especially considering, recent reporting shows the Polyurea market itself to be over 1.5 billion for the coming year and continue at a CTGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 15%. Polyurethane foam itself is expected to reach over 2 billion in the coming year, with a CAGR of over 5%.

ArmorThane is a multinational world leader in the spray coatings market if you are interested in learning more or potentially becoming an ArmorThane applicator.

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