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Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Improve Your Oil & Gas Containment With ArmorThane Coatings

Polyurea is an exceptionally strong spray coating that is utilized in a diverse range of applications in various industries. There are numerous advantages to using polyurea to protect the industry of gas and oil. It is a great way to protect storage tanks for oil and gas pipelines, containers, and tanks from abrasion, weather, and chemical corrosion. It also extends the life of pipelines and tanks.

While other coatings for protection such as polyurethane and epoxies can be used, polyurea is a newer and more durable waterproofing and protective system.

Here are some ways polyurea coatings are used to enhance the efficiency of oil and gas.


Polyurea is the perfect protective coating for any surface exposed to the sun’s rays. Polyurea is liquid sprayed and hardens in just a few seconds, creating a durable membrane. When the surface has fully cured, it can be utilized immediately and withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and extended exposure to U.V. sunlight.


With time, continual use and exposure to harsh chemicals will gradually strip protective coatings that protect your tanks. If properly maintained, polyurea coatings can extend the life span of tanks for longer than other coatings used before. Polyurea coatings can refurbish pipeline rollers and interior tank linings to prolong their lifespan and avoid corrosion.


With strong physical and elastomeric properties, polyurea can be used to construct both secondary and primary containment liners for storage tanks, which will stop chemicals from spilling out. The enhanced safety features shield workers working in the oil and gas industry from the risk of exposure and explosions resulting from chemical interactions. Additionally, it protects the environment from pollution.

Polyurea membranes resist extreme temperature and are utilized for indoor and outdoor industrial uses, such as helicopter pads and walkways, floors for workshops, lining tanks, and more.


If you are working on an oil or gas pipeline, there are a variety of major risk factors: corrosion and corrosion, chemical leaks, and abrasion. Polyurea coatings are applied as an extra layer of protection in pipeline linings and tanks to maintain high safety standards and shield workers from injury and damage.


On drilling rigs for oil or gas storage tanks are continuously exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals and weather conditions. The interior containers with a long-lasting polyurea coating can aid in controlling the internal temperature, avoid explosive pressure buildups, and seal any fractures and other damage that could lead to dangerous chemical leaks.

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