Weatherproof Coatings Strengthen, Protect

  • water resistant siding
  • Concrete walkway storm proof arbor
  • Storm resistant house siding
  • Metal siding waterproof

Structural Strength

Repair weathered siding

ArmorThane polyurea coatings actually make surfaces stronger against violent weather such as severe straight-line winds and even tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. These brutal winds and ground shifts can easily bend, crack and break wood, metal and concrete. But, when polyurea is applied to outdoor walls, floors, decks, walkways, signs and other surfaces, it forms a bond that provides a high tensile strength. Therefore, the material stretches to absorb the impact, holding the structure together.

Polyurea also protects against dents and scratches from hail and flying debris in a storm. By reinforcing the surface, damage is avoided or reduced.

spray foam insulation metal building

Polyurea is proven so tough that militaries, governments and private industries use our ArmorBlast pure polyurea to protect civilians and property. Compared to untreated surfaces it will significantly reduce damage from an explosion.

ArmorFoam offers another layer of protection by strengthening inside walls and ceilings of wood and metal structures. This closed-cell sprayed insulation fills in cracks and crevices as foam then hardens to add structural strength. An added benefit is energy-saving insulation from cold and heat with the twice as much R-value rating as conventional insulation.

weatherproof deck porch

Waterproofing Structures

Another advantage of both polyurea and polyurethane is to protect against water damage. By creating a leak proof barrier, water cannot be absorbed into the underlying surface such as concrete or wood. This prevents rotting, rusting, warping and freeze-crack problems.

Fade Resistance

ArmorThane’s aliphatic ColorCoat is a UV resistant topcoat that can be applied to polyurea or polyurethane to prevent fading, even in intense direct sunlight. This combination of durability and color guard gives the ultimate protection for valuable property.