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Protecting Your World



By nature, footbridges are vulnerable to the elements. Attack from water, chemicals, and frost can lead to deterioration and loss of structural integrity. Installing an effective waterproofing and surfacing solution is, therefore, vital to the long-lasting durability of a structure, particularly in highly trafficked areas. 

Liquid-applied high-performance polyurea membranes have become the material of choice over the past 10-15 years. ArmorThane’s Polyurea-based waterproofing solution offers enhanced durability and bonding to concrete and crack-bridging characteristics that traditional coatings and paints have historically been unmatched.

The ArmorThane waterproofing system surfaces and protects a wide variety of structures operating under diverse climatic environments and traffic conditions, from light-duty pedestrian structures to major bridges and viaducts subject to heavy vehicular traffic. It is suitable for application to concrete, steel, and aluminum substrates. The ArmorThane waterproofing system can be custom tailored to individual projects and applied at a thickness to suit differing vehicular or pedestrian traffic loads to enable weight saving.


  • Rapid cure, even at low temperatures
  • Trafficable within one hour
  • Up to 80% lighter than mastic asphalt, enabling increased traffic loads
  • Creates a protective waterproof barrier
  • High friction surface for heavily trafficked areas
  • Durable and long-lasting, creating a high bond strength to the substrate
  • It can be custom created to work with every individual project requirements

Maintenance and disruption must be kept to a minimum for footbridges with lots of traffic. To preserve the structural integrity and safety of bridge decks, applying a coating such as a polyurea that’s guaranteed to withstand anything and everything mother nature can muster is important. Structures that lack the protection of polyurea, or have more conventional coatings in place, are more likely to exhibit signs of premature deterioration, rust, and other damages due to prolonged water exposure.


When it comes to chemistry, not all polyurea products are created equal. ArmorThane takes its products very seriously. ArmorThane has been the best polyurea distributor for over thirty five years.

With a dedicated full-time Research & Development team, ArmorThane delivers the toughest spray-on polyurea material available in the industry. ArmorThane has doubled the hardness rating compared to competitors, offering superior impact resistance and tensile strength, resulting in outstanding abrasion resistance. Because the material is sprayed, there is a total encapsulation or complete seal, making the coating watertight.

HighLine 410
Industry Standard
Tensile Strength
3000 PSI
3300 PSI
1700-1900 PSI
Tear Strength
400 lbs/in
400 lbs/in
200 lbs/in
UV Stability
55 Shore D
50 +/- 1 Shore D
25 Shore D

Tensile strength is the measurement of force before material breaks.


Measures the percentage change in length of material before breaking.


Describes the resistance of a material to distortion and is measured on an alphabetic scale.


Tests the resistance of a material to fading or color change under continuous exposure to UV light.


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