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Protecting Your World

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Plaza decks are created in multiple forms with many distinguishable names—To name a few, there are Roofs, Floors, Driveways, Courtyard, and even Vegetative decks.

Plaza Decks can be located over parking areas, arcades, or water storage reservoirs, they may be extensive (the size of a city block) or small (just a square meter or two). Some plaza decks are above ground, while others may be sunken several meters below the ground. Regardless, they demonstrate design complexity.

Plaza decks are vulnerable to freeze-thatw and water damage, but they are often left out of the design of a building’s waterproofing layers. Draining water from the surface is difficult, as the slope is minimal or sometimes non-existent. The transition between the steep wall (or planters) and the horizontal waterproofing should be carefully planned and built to avoid water infiltration. Still, this crucial detail too often becomes an afterthought.

The majority of plaza decks are constructed with cast-in-place concrete, often post-tensioned. Precast concrete is sometimes used, as are wood, metal, and combinations. Dead and live loads are impressive when you consider the load’s weight and the deck’s weight. The weight of planters and foliage as well as saturated soil can also make an impact.

The Whole Building Design Guide defines a plaza deck as any supported slab that provides green scape, tree planters, and pedestrian and vehicle movement over occupied spaces. More recent projects feature unoccupied space beneath —often storage.

Plaza decks are hybrids—the water protection system groups the characteristics of roofing and waterproofing. Protecting the waterproofing layer from temperature extremes, UV radiation, and mechanical damage is the focus in these systems. The The Whole Building Design Guide calls installations where the waterproofing is beneath the insulation a protected membrane or inverted roof membrane assembly. As a result, the underlying structure and adjacent spaces located below are also protected.

The Reasons Waterproofing is Essential For Building Maintenance

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The importance of world-class waterproofing is for maintaining the structure since it helps ensure the building’s durability. The roof covers and protects all the elements underneath it and inside the structure. Without proper waterproofing, corrosion, movement, and continuous exposure to temperature variations could cause the structure to break as the water gets into these areas, causing structural damage.

Maintenance Considerations 

In Plaza Decks, two important factors to be considered regarding the steel structure are preventing steel corrosion, which could significantly reduce the durability and lifespan of the structure, and performance in fire, which could cause loss of structural integrity and endanger lives.

There are also various maintenance issues to consider in repairing and maintaining the stadium structure. Here are some suggestions.

  • Water Leaks: Leaks in water can result in serious structural decay. Taking care of leaks and determining the root as quickly as possible is essential.
  • Joints that expand Flexible joints are vital for the stadium. Regular inspection is essential for prolonging the life of the building.
  • Waterproofing Systems: Ensure that all the waterproofing equipment performs its task. It is essential to waterproof world-class stadiums to avoid corrosion and cracking.
  • Structural Repairs and Concrete Restoration: If addressed quickly, concrete restoration and repairs can help prevent problems and structural flaws.

Regular waterproofing and maintenance make more simple for managers of facilities and their crews to maintain a secure and functioning facility condition.

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