Costly construction and industrial equipment is used in the most high-wear surroundings. ArmorThane offers coating solutions to protect and revitalize equipment at a fraction of the cost to replace. With ArmorThane, operators can help protect their people, products, and vehicle investment from expensive exterior damage as well as manpower downtime. Because it’s exceptionally favorable in wet conditions, ArmorThane helps to keep cargo and supplies from sliding around in the back of fleet and utility trucks, creating a more stable handling situation for operators.

Equipment Applications

A few of these applications include:

  • Cement truck tanks
  • Bulldozer blades
  • Telephone truck steps
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Mining diggers, crushers
  • Ag equipment
  • Dump truck bed liners
  • Transport trucks
  • Barges, sea containers
  • Rail cars
  • Trailers

Benefits to Coating

Spraying equipment new saves thousands in down time and maintenance costs and adds years of performance. But, coatings are also very cost-effective for rehabilitating used and work-worn surfaces. Repainting is simply not the answer to these problems:

  • Resisting dents and scratches
  • Avoiding breaking or chipping during rough use
  • Protecting against corrosion and rust from elements and most chemicals
  • Repairing, preventing rust and other damage
  • Reducing slips and skidding with textured surface or particulates
  • Absorbing impact to reduce vibration, noise

An extra benefit is to increase the resell value.

Product Suggestions

As with so many industry applications, the suggested coating vary depending on the conditions such as abrasion, chemical exposure, moisture and other damaging effects. These can range from lower end STS-200 or STS-300 polyurethane used on truck and trailer beds to the top of the line durability of UltraTech pure polyurea. UltraTech is the most wear-resistant material with outstanding abrasion/friction resistance and is applied to digging equipment.

Commercial Vehicle and Machinery Protection

Dump trucks and other transports.
Industrial Chemical transport.
Sewer and other noxious liquids.
Commercial truck and equipment protection.