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Protecting Your World




Your construction machinery is a valuable asset. Harsh environmental conditions, staining, and discoloration can lead to expensive damage to your construction project. ArmorThane has been set up to cater to your needs helping you proactively protect your investment with unique coating requirements. For all your specialty construction coating needs, turn to ArmorThane. We offer field-tested and proven construction coatings for heavy-duty machinery such as pavers, graders, spreaders, finishers, and more.

Our polyurea and polyurethane coatings are engineered to stand up to extreme weather and challenging environmental conditions. Many leading construction equipment manufacturers have benefited from our products to smarten up exteriors and brighten the interiors of new builds. Our coating varieties and uses have been developed with research and development over time. Our specially designed construction coatings protect surfaces from various external and environmental elements, including sunlight, UV exposure, acid rain, and corrosion. Our coatings include protective coatings and sealants applied to varied surfaces to enhance surface properties, including appearance, corrosion, adhesion, and scratch resistance.

Each type of coating has a combination of ingredients, and the uses highly depend on the application and final color of the coating. Here are the principal ingredients of a coating system:

  • Resin: It serves as the coating’s binder that holds the pigment to the base material or substrate.
  • Pigment: It provides color and chemical resistance to the protective coating.
  • Solvent: It’s the vehicle for solids transported to the surface of the substrate.
  • Additives: These chemicals are added in small amounts, delivering special coating effects.

Polyurea and
Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane comes from polymers, an incredible compound used for coatings. If you’re looking for an extremely versatile coating with the right balance of hardness and elongation, polyurethane coatings are highly advised.

Check these common uses of polyurethane coatings:

  • Used in insulation, adhesives, and elastomers
  • Floors of commercial complexes and industrial buildings such as bowling alleys (provides shine and luster)
  • Give metal roofing a long lifespan (to save on costly repairs)

Selecting the right industrial coating is just one part of a multi-step process. As manufacturers finalize their industrial coating preferences for each of their products, it’s crucial to understand how surrounding processes like proper surface preparation, selection of application method, and equipment contribute to the lifetime of your equipment. Some of these processes include:


substrate Surface Preparation

Correct surface preparation is the most vital determinant of the success of any surface treatment. In order for an industrial coating to take hold of the substrate—or the base material receiving the protective coating—must be thoroughly clean. Industrial coatings rely on a mechanical or physical bond to adhere tightly to the substrate surface. Some coatings even chemically bond with the substrate surface to create a nearly impenetrable layer of protection.

If the surface isn’t completely cleared of dust, chemicals, and other contaminants, the industrial coating will likely fail prematurely. Trained industrial coating technicians know how to adequately remove moisture, salts, and dry contaminants with the correct chemical cleaners, heating processes, and blasting procedures.

Properly cleaning surfaces prior to coating prevents damage such as:

  • Fish eyes
  • Blistering
  • Adhesion failure

The team at ArmorThane always strives to keep our manufacturers and suppliers ahead of the curve by delivering long-lasting coating products for all surfaces and equipment. Our expert team ensures that the specialty construction coatings meet the industry’s most stringent regulations and quality standards before offering them to major international corporations or small independent companies. With ArmorThane, you can be assured of quality as we take care of the following aspects:

  • Outstanding abrasion, chemical and weather resistance
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Significant project cost savings
  • Products are non-toxic, safe, and easy to use

Our products have stood the test of time that has enabled us to sustain relationships with our construction equipment manufacturers. You can only trust ArmorThane when it comes to quality, durability, and innovation. We make sure that our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in coatings contribute to the individual success of our customers. Contact us to discuss our Coatings For Machinery & Construction Equipment.



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