Coatings Protect Military Transport and Other At-Risk Vehicles

Reduce Casualties, Property Damage

ArmorBlast and UltraBlast, both pure polyureas, spray on military and other vulnerable transportation to reduce the devastating impact from explosion. The coatings have extremely high elongation which prevents or slows the surface from tearing.

These protective coatings are sprayed on surfaces inside and out for maximum protection. Another use is to spray blast pads with the coating for protection plus noise, vibration and the reduction of impact from blast waves.

Coatings can be sprayed to seal cracks and crevices. By forming a leak proof barrier, they prevent or slow the intake of water, chemicals, and gases.

Secondary benefits include repairing damage or deterioration from rust, sunlight, weather. As with truck bed liners, ArmorThane coatings prevent scratching and denting of new or used metal that leads to rust. UV ColorCoat stability maintains appearance even in prolonged direct sunlight. These benefits extend the service life of the vehicle.

ArmorBlast and UltraBlast are shown to outperform other polyureas tested. Read more…

Types of Polyurea Applications

Coatings can be applied to many types of military, government and private vehicles that can be high profile targets:

  • Military Jeeps
  • Military Transport Trucks
  • Armored Tanks
  • Limousines
  • Fuel / Chemical Tankers
  • Aircraft
  • Ships, Boats

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