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Blast Resistant Coatings

Take Security to a New Level for Military Grade Protection

ArmorBlast and UltraBlast, two of our blast mitigation coatings, may not be blast proof but they can significantly reduce casualties and property damage from hostile explosive attacks compared to non-coated surfaces. These sprayed-on polyurea coatings were specifically developed to survive massive pressure, such as explosion, when applied to concrete or metal structures. The ballistic protection coatings are suitable for armored vehicles and high profile buildings and offers proven blast mitigation benefits.

Blast Resistant Coatings Products

UltraBlast Pure Polyurea

UltraBlast™ 1:1 Pure Polyurea

  • Top-of-the-line blast mitigation coating, incredibly high tensile and tear strength with excellent elongation to mitigate a concussive force or shockwave
  • Spray-on coating forms a “skin” on CMS blocks that does not split or de-bond
  • Extremely high elongation, toughness, adhesion to prevent structure collapse for coated walls
  • Outperformed other polyurea brands tested

    ArmorBlast Pure Polyurea

    ArmorBlast™ 1:1 Pure Polyurea

    • Superior elongation properties, tensile and tear strength; material simultaneously mitigates the concussive force of a blast and holds together the materials of a coated substrate; adapts very well to multiple substrates
    • Sprayed on armored vehicles, concrete block and other structures
    • Used around a core of impact absorbing polyurethane foam to provide personnel protection for military transport or other blast-susceptible environments such as industrial transport or manufacturing

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