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Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings Products

STS ColorCoat

ColorCoat Two-Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat

Apply any color to new ArmorThane coating or refinish previously applied topcoats.

  • Provides the most color options – virtually any color mix
  • Solvented based, quick curing, liquid applied topcoat (3:1 ratio)
  • Minimal solvent additive for smooth, easy application and uniform look and color
  • Developed to provide a high level of UV protection to coatings with less UV resistance
  • Thinner layer over a base coating
  • Specify OEM Paint Code
  • Applies using a brush, resin core roller or HVLP spray gun
  • Superior color retention – fade resistant

Choose Your Color

  • Match ArmorThane coating to the color of any factory-painted vehicle, even whites and metallics
  • Select a wide range of customized colors and designs to create exciting contrast
  • Use a dynamic color range of choices from subtle to vivid

Texturing Aggregate

Roll-On Floor Coatings Texture Aggregate

Several materials can be used and are available in fine, medium, and coarse. Depending on the type of polymer applied as the base, an abrasive aggregate will be spread before or during the final coating while the surface is still wet.

Popular colors we offer among many.

Roll-on coatings are glossy and may become slick when wet. Decorative Color Quartz is often used to enhance the look and performance of ArmorFloor™ and ArmorDeck™. Before the final coating or topcoat, Quartz or other abrasive material is broadcast by hand onto specific areas or thrown in the air letting gravity spread in a loose pattern. Decorative Color Quartz also comes in several colors and is UV and chemical resistant. The material wears like stone but is soft to walk on and absorbs sound.

For polyurea or polyurethane sprayed-on coatings, the aggregate is put on in the final coating. The applicator simultaneously uses a handheld sandblasting gun to start spraying the stream of aggregate directly into the stream of the ArmorThane polymer. This continues until the desired “grip” and look are achieved.

As soon as this double-gun process is completed, the applicator continues texturing the surface using only the gun that is spraying the ArmorThane coating. This is done by holding the gun 7 to 8 feet away from the surface and quickly spraying back and forth to bond any loose aggregate.

HighLine 410 Aliphatic Polyurea

HighLine 410 1:1 Aliphatic Polyurea

  • Colorfast, UV fade resistant coating
  • Used for outdoor flooring, water features and marine applications

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