ArmorThane's Solution To RV Roof Repair

ArmorThane RV Roofing

The RV industry in the United States has enjoyed solid growth as baby-boomers swell the number of potential buyers. Rapid growth leads to faster production schedules for RV manufacturers. For some manufacturers, fewer resources have been applied to ensure long-term waterproofing of the approximately 200 sq. ft roof. After a few years of weathering, many owners reported leaks and internal damage to their insurance companies.

Every day, private owners search online to find solutions to their with leaking rubber and fiberglass roofs. If you are one of those unfortunate searchers, lucky for you, ArmorThane™ has created the solution to your problem.


Traditional repair materials like rubber or sheet plastics require renewed UV protection every couple of years, and they generally fail, or they have an undesirable appearance within a few years.


Many of the new products used for RV repair were originally designed for other uses such as industrial roofing or truck bedliners. We will now go in detail explaining the process of RV roof repair using ArmorThane's patented product, protective coating, so you fully understand what makes our product different from other common polyureas.


ArmorThane™ offers a spray-applied 100% solids polyurea. This polyurea protective coating is seamless and forms a long term barrier against water intrusion and degradation.

The RV's existing and failing rubber roof is stripped down to the existing plywood roof in the production process. At this point, any seams and large gaps are filled, while any previous adhesives on the wood are removed and sanded down.

After all of the wood and various surfaces are properly sanded, prepped, and masked, the entire area is primed with special primers, and then sprayed with ArmorThane™. The new monolithic polyurea coating forms a tight seal around all the protrusions, gaps, and bolts, preventing water leakage and UV sunlight degradation while giving a desirable silver aluminum like finish.



An ArmorThane™ applicator can have an owner's RV repaired and ready for the road moments after the spray is complete. Suppose the customer wishes to have a certain color. In that case, the applicator can choose from one of ArmorThane's polyaspartic rolled on, brushed, or sprayed topcoat options to top off the polyurea coating and make the RV look complete.

ArmorThane™ quickly and easily solves the problems of rejuvenating aged recreational vehicle roofs. It costs significantly less than replacing the previous rubber roof or replacing the vehicle roof every few years. 



 ArmorThane RV Roofing