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Bed Liner Material on Other Applications

True.  Bed liner spray-on polyurethane coatings are incredibly tough and more durable than paint, rubber, or other coating materials.  There is a long list of basic endurance qualities for truck bed liners.  However, ArmorThane has a variety of hybrids developed with specific characteristics that may match your business application tasks much better.

Here are some questions to consider before choosing a protective coating:

  • Is the application indoors or outdoors?
  • How extreme is the temperature?
  • How much temperature variation is expected and how quickly does the temperature change?
  • Is each application for a large area or small?
  • Is spraying basically continuous or are start-stop steps required?
  • What drying time is needed?
  • Are layers of color involved or single colors?
  • Is color match required?
  • Is UV aliphatic color stability required?
  • How thick or thin is the optimum coating?
  • What flexibility is required before cracking?
  • How much elasticity is needed for expanding and retracting?
  • How much exposure is there to water, chemicals or other corrosive materials?
  • How long is the coating exposed?
  • What is the underlying surface?

Learn more about applications.  Or, contact us to discuss your specific needs.