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Is it possible to waterproof my driveway using polyurea?


Not all coating products are able to endure the elements. The coating has to withstand snow and rain along with fluctuating temperatures. If you're coating the driveway, you'll need something that doesn't wear off or flake off due to oil spills or tires.

The short answer is yes, you can seal a driveway using polyurea. In fact, polyurea is the best possible option to seal outdoor concrete coatings.

Polyurea is able to withstand the elements and skid marks from tires and is beautiful when applied by professionals. With the proper formulation made up of polyurea and elastic compounds, this kind of coating will last a lifetime preventing chips, cracks, and staining.

Epoxies are not recommended when used outdoors, and epoxy isn't the best choice for driveways.


Driveways require a coating that strengthens the concrete while creating a surface that is more resilient to wear and aging.  Epoxies, sealant paints, and inferior polyurethanes will easily fail under the extreme conditions of a driveway. These coatings will generally endure a matter of weeks, months, or at the longest a few years. Eventually, you will start to see spots that are worn out which begin to grow. As the seasons change the coatings will wear and the concrete will be more likely to crack.

Polyurea forms the impenetrable barrier that a driveway demands. Since polyurea is a bond to the moisture present in the concrete (rather instead of fighting the water like other coatings) the material actually protects well in outdoor conditions. In addition, polyurea offers greater flexibility than epoxy coatings as well as UV stability, which allows the coating to withstand decades of wear and tear outside without breaking and ambering.

The final result is an easy-to-keep concrete driveway that looks great and remains that way for the life of your driveway. Because polyurea coatings provide smooth surfaces and are non-slip, we suggest incorporating an anti-slip material into the coating in order to give your cars and shoes something they can grip.


Our formula was designed specifically for severe climates and is adapted for each slab of concrete that our product coats. This is because there's no one standard solution for what coating to apply. Overall your driveway will be better protected when a professional examines it and formulates a polyurea coating designed for your concrete's composition, the elements, and other unique factors.

Professional applicators apply polyurea coating following grinding or cleaning of the concrete. Like any other concrete coating, it requires just a short amount of time to set. It is possible to drive over it in less than one a day after it has been through the coating process. Because it is free of harmful VOCs, polyurea coatings are safe for you and your family members as well as the plant and wildlife around them.

If you're looking to seal the driveway or pour a brand new one, call ArmorThane today for a no-cost estimate or to know more about how you can become a professional applicator.