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STS 200 Works Well for a Wide Range of Classic Projects

STS 200 is especially good for spray-in bed liners and other parts of the vehicle including rocker panels, fenders, bumpers, undercarriage, floorboards and trim.  In fact, dealers have sprayed entire trucks.  Coatings protect all types of vehicles including trailers, RV roofs, commercial transport, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, and other work vehicles.

Applications also include marine for ship and boat decks and hulls as well as dock walkways and cargo carriers.  In the construction industries, STS 200 is applied to concrete and wood flooring, decks, patios, driveways and roofs.

STS 200 is a relatively flexible, softer product that allows some movement of the underlying surface, such as a truck bed liner, and maintains good impact and skid resistance.  Compared to other ArmorThane products, STS 200 has the following characteristics.

  • Medium Hardness
  • Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Good Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Water Resistance
  • Good Flexibility
  • Good Slip/Skid Resistance
  • Top Coat Colors Available
  • Fire  Retardant Version Available
Polyurethane Physical Properties Tear* Tensile* Elongation* Surface Hardness*
STS 200 Polyurethane ASTM D-624 230 ± 40 pli ASTM D-412 1800 ± 350 psi ASTM D-412 220% ± 40% Final Durometer 92 ± 3 Shore A

*Please note, spray equipment, testing parameters, and application environment may result in differing properties. Users should perform their own independent testing as properties are approximate. Technical Data Sheets offer more information.

STS 200 is sprayed with ArmorThane’s low-pressure equipment on projects where speed and volume are less important.  As with other ArmorThane products, this is solvent-free so not explosive or an environmental hazard and contain no VOCs or CFCs.

The best next step is to contact ArmorThane to make certain this is the best product for the project.  Call 1.800.227.2905.  Learn more about all of the polyurethane products.

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