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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Mobile Spray Rig

Before you purchase a mobile spray rig or trailer, there are some principal considerations to guarantee you get the correct product for your needs. At ArmorThane, we know that one size does not fit all for every spray foam and coatings contractor.

With diverse applications and markets to serve, every business must use the right equipment for its operations. It’s important to hit all the marks between price, performance, and job compatibility so that your company can deliver the greatest results. Here is what you should consider when purchasing a spray rig or trailer.

Convenience & Automation

In 2022, so many options are available to those who want an edge through automated features. Whether you are a seasoned spray applicator or new to the business, it’s always crucial to stay up on technology. This is why you should contact ArmorThane, to discover our latest innovations.

The latest models from top brands provide the correct temperature, pressure, and material ratios through updated components and improvements. This automation can save you time and jobs often compared to doing everything traditionally. These features are particularly useful to the new contractor since they save time and prevent typical errors that can reduce the quality of your spray.

Spray Rig Size & Mobility

Spray rigs come in various sizes and types, so they can be organized in the most ergonomic design to boost efficiency and speed. Before you buy a spray rig, you need to determine what type of vehicle and trailer you need. Take your routine job sites into consideration.

Do you require something compact to fit into tight urban areas or a big spray rig trailer to haul your extensive hydraulic system to a commercial job site? Whether you use a generator to power your machines off-grid or you typically have access to shore power, you need the freedom to disconnect trailers and pull them with various vehicles as needed. All these characteristics determine the rig you need to get from job site to job site.

Job Type

Many different spray foam application types determine which type of spray foam rig setup would work best for you. Getting an enormous hydraulic rig for a part-time residential spray applicator would cost a lot of money, making it difficult to recover the initial investment. Instead, something less aggressive and more affordable, like a rig with the PHX-2 from the Highline lineup, would be a great fit.

Lifetime Value vs. Cost

Even the finest equipment has a clock that starts ticking when it is used regularly. According to PMC, a typical electric spray machine can last 10+ years, while a hydraulic spray machine can last 12+ years with routine maintenance. If you are exploring used spray rigs for cost savings, you should consider the cost in terms of the rig’s remaining lifetime value.

A used rig is a great way to save while remaining operational if you require equipment to get you through the next five years before purchasing brand-new itemsSuppose you get something already used for most of its expected lifetime value. In that case, you shouldn’t imagine that it will miraculously last beyond the years the manufacturer promises. Though higher quality machines can last you well beyond their expected loan to value (LTV), it’s something that you shouldn’t count on.

Spray Rigs for Sale At ArmorThane 

ArmorThane is a top supplier of spray foam and coatings equipment brands like PMC and Graco. Our spray rigs are fitted with the latest spray rig evolutions. Please speak with our sales team today to learn more about our rigs and other coating solutions.

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