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Why Polyurea is the ideal waterproofing solution for roofs and decks




Polyurea roof coatings are the strongest waterproof protective barrier solutions for various low-slope industrial, residential and commercial roofing structures. Used to shield and waterproof, Polyurea is an ideal alternative to traditional roofing methods. A polyurea roofing system will waterproof and shield your roof or deck against damages caused by undesirable weather, expansion, and contraction with temperature shifts, abrasion, corrosion, and high and low-impact stressors.

Concrete is predisposed to cracks due to shrinkage, which could compromise the waterproofing membrane on a flat roof. Similarly, metal decks and metal screws corrode over time, which could lead to water seepage issues. This can be a critical issue when the roof leaks and a solution is required. 

Traditional Solutions

In the early 80s, standard roof coating systems used to treat concrete roofs from further leaks included cementitious coating, torched-on Bituminous Membrane, rolled acrylic coatings, and polyurethane coatings. Conventional coatings like these offer specific advantages but would only be a short-term solution today. Most of them could not be exposed to UV as it will degrade the system, causing premature coating or membrane failure. Due to poor elongation properties, epoxies and cementitious coatings are rigid and not designed to fix cracks. Epoxies are likely to chalk, and polyurethanes will degrade when exposed to a warm climate with high UV and thermal expansion. 

Most waterproofing membranes require a layer of protection to be applied. When this conventional system fails, and the roof leaks, an exposed waterproofing with high abrasion resistance and stability under UV is ideal for re-waterproofing projects as you do not have to remove the existing screed and waterproofing membrane and just lay the new membrane over it.  

Introduction Of Polyurea

The introduction of Polyurea was a game changer. Polyurea is a spray-on elastomeric system that can be sprayed on concrete and metal roofs to waterproof and protect. Polyurea can be applied to a thickness of 2-3mm, giving you an elongation property above 300% and a tensile strength of >15Mpa. Sprayed as a single coat system, it eliminates joints and overlapping within the coating itself, reducing the chances of leaks. As a roof coating repair system, it can be sprayed directly on the existing surface after sufficient surface preparation is completed, thus lessening the need to hack and remove existing screed, which could be costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, the shutdown time of the affected sites can be reduced to a minimum due to the quick-set nature of the polyurea resin, typically less than 2 minutes post-spraying.

The Paradigm Shift

There is a paradigm shift currently happening in the roofing market. Liquid coatings have become increasingly widespread over the last few years, and Polyurea is the latest phase in the industry’s evolution. Polyurea spray coatings can go directly over an existing roof, concrete, metal, mod bit, EPDM, wood, PVC, TPO, BUR, and more.

Head and Shoulders Above The Rest

There are several different liquid waterproofing solutions available. While silicone, rubber, or acrylic roof products have benefits and negatives, Polyurea coatings stand head and shoulders above the rest.

ArmorThane has manufactured high-performance polyurethane and polyurea coatings for over four decades. Our pioneering and innovative coating system technology is some of the most advanced in the industry. Our unmatched R & D, streamlined manufacturing, and quality control practices have made ArmorThane products the market leader in waterproofing coatings and systems.


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