Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

The More Durable, Better Looking Epoxy Floor Alternative

The More Durable, Better Looking Epoxy Floor Alternative



The application process comprises three coatings; a primer (which penetrates the surface but is not always necessary), a “build coat” containing the decorative application if it’s more than a clear coat, and a topcoat. It should consist of 20 to 25 mils in thickness when you include vinyl chips in your finish. 6 to 8 mil thicknesses are normal and provide “hiding capacity” when pigments are added.

Polyaspartic polyureas are sold as 100% solids material, with solvents added or recommendations for adding solvents. With the addition of solvents, the material is less dense, pot life is increased, and increased penetration into a slab. 

Another advantage of polyaspartic polyureas is that the material doesn’t outgas. Concrete still traps air, though, and it can escape into a coating after it’s applied. It’s best to apply coatings when ambient temps are declining. But because they set so quickly, there is less likelihood of trapping air in polyureas.

Humidity accelerates setting time. When this product is applied at 40% humidity, the setting time might be 30 to 40 minutes. But at 90% humidity, it can decrease to 15 minutes.

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