Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Protect Your Golf Cart or ATV with ArmorThane

ArmorThane Golf Cart Bedliner / ATV Bedliner.

ArmorThane Golf Cart Bedliner ATV Bedliner. Protective Coatings for golf carts and ATV’s

ArmorThane is a spray-on truck bedliner that, over our 30 years in business, has become the most popular protective coating liner in the world. Our spray-on liner is ideal for golf carts and other vehicles used for utility or sporting purposes. These are the notable features you can expect when looking into Armor-lined golf carts.

What is an ArmorThane Spray-on Liner?

When you bring your golf cart or ATV into the nearest ArmorThane qualified professional applicator and our certified professional will spray your vehicle with ArmorThane protective coating liner. This liner creates a protective coating resistant to corrosion on the surface of an existing surface, such as those found in ATVs, trucks, and watercraft. Each liner is safe for the environment and does not emit harmful CFCs or VOCs. This coating is permanent and will protect the life of your vehicle.

Call us or apply online and we will notify you of the nearest applicator. Drop off your golf cart in the morning, and it will be ready for pickup in the afternoon.

ArmorThane offers a wide range of spray-on liners, and we can also match your vehicle’s paint color. An additional option available for you is our added UV protection. This is especially important for Armor-lined golf carts that are likely to be outside regularly.

Our liner is applied directly to the bed or base, unlike drop-in liners, which are susceptible to rusting because they do not directly contact the bed.



What is the cost?

Each professional applicator will set its prices. However, an ArmorThane liner will not crack or fall apart on you and will last much longer than a typical paint job that would cost much more than getting our protective coating for your vehicle.

Can an ArmorThane lined golf cart damage the course?

Your applicator will repair the lining if the need arises and are yet to hear of a single incident caused by a protective coated cart on the golf course.

What is the Lifespan of This Product?


The ArmorThane liner was designed to stay put and enhance your enjoyment of your golf cart. It will add to the comfort and durability of your cart. It is unlikely that you will ever need to remove the liner.

The ArmorThane liner will not make your vehicle hotter than it already is. It can withstand extremely high and low temperatures without cracking or warping. Your choice of the liner helps to resist UV rays, which can increase the heat golf carts feel after a long day out in the sun.


How do I get ArmorThane-lined golf carts?

The ArmorThane spray-on liner allows you to personalize your golf cart and protect it for many years to come. Before the liner is installed, you can choose the color and lining that you want. To find an authorized ArmorThane applicator near you, search the ArmorThane website.    



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