Health Risks

What do these businesses and institutions have in common?

  • Restaurant, food prep kitchens
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Grocery stores
  • Kennels, veterinary clinics, animal habits
  • Schools, nurseries
  • Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes

They all involve people / animals and health risks from bacteria, germs, mold, etc. The news regularly reports a foodborne illness or an outbreak of bacteria in a medical facility.

If marred floors and countertops go unnoticed, pollutants are trapped in cracks and micro-scratches. Too often these surfaces cannot be cleaned well enough, even with the best sanitizing and janitorial practices.

Cleaning floor of veterinarian clinic

Improved Coating Techniques

How do you create a cleaner environment? While ArmorThane sprayed-on coatings only work on part of the issues, we’re one solution that’s easy to implement. Polyurethane or polyurea permanently seals and restores the underlying surface to make cleaning more effective. By spraying the floor or countertop and partway up the wall, a seamless waterproof barrier is created to prevent contaminants from hiding and growing in crevices that are out of sight.

ArmorThane coatings have no irritating fumes or residue so the area remains safe for both people and animals. One application is even approved for potable water, so is also safe for food-handling.

Another benefit of polyurethane and polyurea coatings is the ability to add texture for a safer non slip, non skid floor. This is particularly important in areas with unexpected spills, animal urine or rain.