ArmorThane Coatings Add Protection for Military, Law Enforcement and Other Vulnerable Areas blast mat panel resting on concrete protective coating

  • Military Vehicles, Equipment, Bunkers
  • Government Buildings
  • Armored Vehicles, Banks
  • Limousines and Other Transportation Targets
  • High Profile Political and Executive Residences
  • Training Bunkers for Military and Police
  • Portable blast mats for vehicles
  • High Visibility Venues such as Sporting Events, Concerts
  • Sensitive Facilities Attracting Protestors
  • Police Vehicles, Water Patrol Vessels, Barricades
  • Security Risks such as Pipes, Bridges, Chemical Tanks
  • Fuel Transport and Storage Areas
  • Combustible Environments – Chemical Plants, Refineries
  • Explosion resistant walls, curtains and panels

ArmorBlast Can Significantly Reduce Casualties and Property Damage

Key findings from independent testing on Blast Mitigation:

Testing of ArmorThane’s military-grade product proves to significantly reduce building damage from explosion, compared to non-coated surfaces and other polymer products.

  • Spray-on coating forms a “skin” on CMS blocks that does not split or de-bond
  • Extremely high elongation, toughness, adhesion to prevent structure collapse for coated walls
  • Outperformed other polyurea brands tested

Other beneficial characteristics include:

  • Maximum durability against extreme elements including temperature exposure ranges from -40°F to 350°F
  • High chemical and water resistance
  • Corrosion prevention causing consequential damages and environmental hazards
Download summary of the blast testing by Missouri University of Science & Technology Explosives Laboratory

ArmorBlast Resists Explosions