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Business Opportunties
OEM / Manufacturing Processes

Companies improve products during the manufacturing process by industrial spray coating parts before assembly. Others add durability to manufactured products and resell. Great for Styrene and Styrofoam signs, theatrical props, outdoor equipment, kennels.

equipment manufacturing worker

Equipment Manufacturing

ArmorThane coatings are virtually indestructible and the waterproof features are ideal for outdoor equipment. Improving products gives a huge advantage over competitors.

zoo habitat designer

Animal Habitats

Animal habitats and kennels benefit from easy-to-clean coated concrete. Seamless spraying is perfect for drinking troughs and pool areas at zoos and parks.

prop creator

Styrene & Styrofoam Props

Stage props, theatrical equipment, signs, and trade show displays from styrene and Styrofoam last longer when coated with ArmorThane. They are even weatherproofed.