ArmorThane industrial coatings are involved in the manufacture, maintenance and rehabilitation of all types of primary containment. These polyurethane and polyurea products are perfect for holding tanks, pipelines, containment booms and portable units such as crates or tanker trucks. These may be metal, plastic, concrete, geotextile over soil or sand pits; sealed or open air; permanent or temporary; water, fuel, waste, acidic and caustic compounds.

Spraying ArmorThane coatings has many benefits. Applicators are trained to know which of the various products to use.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion of metal and degradation of concrete and plastics occur even with “simple” fluids like water. Deterioration is sped up by more aggressive compounds such as acids, alkalis and organic wastes. Our coatings prevent this process to reduce the risk of leaking and even collapsing vessel walls. Reactants and corrosive materials sit harmlessly against ArmorThane’s polymers and have no effect on the tank or pipe. Maintenance and liability costs can be greatly reduced.

Leak-Proof Membrane

Creating a leak-proof membrane is critical for primary containment. Aging systems can fail due to environmental factors and containment properties. Fortunately, ArmorThane has a number of protective coatings that create a long-lasting leak-proof barrier and can strengthen the structure itself. Spraying inside, outside the containment barrier or both is effective and relatively inexpensive when faced with the risk of leakage, maintenance, and repair. The coating seals around all joints, cracks, and crevices including penetrations.

Prevention of Cross-Contamination

If different materials are moved in and out of containment, cross contamination or dilution of “purity” is a concern. Coatings are easy to clean and do not leach into or absorb contained materials.

Water Protection

Water is stored and moved in every community around the world. ArmorThane has a coating designed for containment systems holding potable water and other ingested products. It is NSF certified.

Custom Application

Unlike pre-formed liners, sprayed-on coatings are thinner and take up less space. They form a seamless membrane that exactly fits, even where poles, pumps and other internal or external structures attach.

Rubber Liner and Paint Problems

Rubber lining, paint and other surface protection simply do not last as long as polymers such as polyurethane and polyurea. They can also release and absorb materials causing contamination. And, they do not have the same abrasion and corrosion resistance as polyurethane or polyurea and can contain weaknesses that chemically aggressive fluids will find and exploit.

Watch our YouTube of ArmorThane being sprayed in a large water tank destined to be used at a mining site in the mountains of Peru. Read more about tanks.

Oil & Gas

All containment tanks are liable to have problems with corrosion and can benefit from polyurea protective coatings to provide ultimate protection and increased longevity. Excessive temperatures, caustic materials, and everyday wear and tear can corrode the effectiveness of your oil or gas tanks, which is why ArmorThane has designed protective coatings intended to deliver customized results. We can help you obtain the right protection for a variety of primary and secondary oil and gas containment systems.

Key Coating Products for Primary Containment

ArmorThane Primary Containment coatings are used for metal, plastic, concrete; sealed or open air; permanent or temporary; water, fuel, waste, acidic and caustic compounds. The goal is for corrosion resistance, prevention of cross-contamination, substance integrity and protection against leaking. Here are products typically used:

  • Armor HiChem – polyurea: most comprehensive chemical and corrosion resistance; good skid resistance; very good impact and abrasion resistance; ideal for chemically corrosive material handling
  • EnviroThane – modified polyurea: top-of-the-line chemically resistance and impermeable membrane; quick set time; excellent flexibility; extremely low shrinkage rates (even better than typical elastomers)
  • STS 300 – polyurethane: greater abrasion resistance than STS -200; low permeability for superior chemical resistance
  • HighLine 310 – polyurea: sets as quickly as 2 seconds; very good impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance; consistent qualities even in extreme hot or cold climates
  • HighLine 510 H – pure polyurea: excellent corrosion resistant material; superior skid resistance; harder version and more abrasion resistant version of the HighLine 510; lower sensitivity to moisture for spraying in environments that don’t allow other elastomeric coatings options
  • AquaSafe – pure polyurea: Potable Water Certified version of the HighLine 510 passing the US ANSI NSF-61 qualifications; safe for storing drinking water or food materials; very high tensile and tear strength with good elongation; very durable and corrosion resistant
  • ArmorFoam – polyurethane expanding foam: creates an insulating underlayment for maintaining internal containment temperature; coated with polyurea or polyurethane to form a tough outer shell

Primary Containment Protective Coating Applications

Coat pipes and pipelines for added protection.
Primary containment for oil and chemical tanks.
Stop leaks and prevent corrosion, safe for potable water tanks.
Interior spray coating of primary containment.