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Permanent Floor Coatings

ArmorThane has numerous options for spraying or rolling on coatings. Applies to indoor and outdoor projects. Perfect for garages, basements, driveways, showrooms, medical facilities, food service, schools, warehouses, manufacturing and much more.

Experience the most stylish yet toughest garage

The perfect garage design cannot be completed without a gorgeous floor. Because the garage floor is subject to more abuse than any floor in your home, it needs to be attractive, yet strong enough to stand up to automobiles as well as trucks, motorcycles bikes, and so on!

ArmorThane provides a complete line of floor coatings to suit any taste that are sure to provide you with the best garage floor you'll ever require. Be aware that it's not something you can afford; a fresh floor for your garage floor will be an investment making your garage more secure, cleaner, and more efficient. A well-finished garage will increase the value of your house and will leave your neighbors jealous.

ArmorThane Permanent Floor Coatings

The world's leader in industrial quality structural coatings for more than 30 years and our premiere floor coatings can be described as among the most durable floor coatings that are available. A proprietary blend specifically designed for ArmorThane makes sure that every floor will keep its color and finish integrity for many years to come. Every one of our floor coating styles has its distinct aesthetic.

No matter what style you choose, all of Our premium floor coatings offer extreme toughness and easy-care properties which means that you're getting the finest garage floor that money can buy.