Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Great Opportunities for New Dealers AND No Franchise Fees


Great Opportunities for New Dealers AND No Franchise Fees


Get quick info on how to become a polyurethane and polyurea coatings dealer and the advantages to choosing ArmorThane. ArmorThane started building a worldwide network of dealers in 1989. Start up packages are flexible to the type of business you choose.

Find Out How ArmorThane Can Help Build YOUR Business

Who is ArmorThane?

ArmorThane is a multi-national company founded by Garry Froese, CEO, in 1989. ArmorThane specializes in the development and distribution of top-quality coatings, as well as the fabrication and distribution of application equipment. Our world-wide dealer network continues to expand as extensive new product research and development opens doors to new market applications.

How Fast Can I Get in Business?

ArmorThane will work directly with you to get your coatings business up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. The ArmorThane goal is to deliver your custom-ordered equipment and product package with complete on-site training in 30 days or less of your purchase. No company is as committed to customer service as ArmorThane.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an ArmorThane Dealer?

ArmorThane never charges franchise fees, dealership fees or royalties. You only buy the product quantity, equipment and supplies you need. Therefore, more profit goes back into your business.

How Do I Know What Products and Equipment Fit My Business Plans?

Because we offer a diverse range of products, we need to know your applications and product selection. Once we know that, we recommend the equipment offering the best results. Application situations call for different products to achieve the desired results. ArmorThane's product line will allow you to address almost any coating situation or requirement. From abrasion resistance, to elasticity, to UV stability, we offer products of varying tensile strengths, elongation, shore hardness, and chemical resistance to allow you the opportunity to offer coatings in many different areas. Most are commercial, solvent free, plural component products. What is a plural component product? This means that when the two parts are combined together they become a solid in seconds and therefore cannot be pre-mixed together and applied with a hopper gun or rolled on. Most are solid in less than 20 seconds and are ready to walk on in 5 minutes or less and would solidify inside traditional application equipment in seconds. Therefore, plural component application equipment is required to mix the product at the moment it is atomized and applied to the substrate, and ArmorThane offers many different models and types of plural component equipment to meet your specific application needs. ArmorThane also offers other types of coatings that are not plural component types. One example is ArmorFloor, a specially formulated, slow cured polyester/aspartic polyurethane that is easily rolled on the concrete substrate.

What Are Some Typical Applications Where ArmorThane Products Are Used?

There are literally thousands of areas where protective and/or decorative coatings are applied. Your imagination is literally the limit. Check out the various Applications, Products, and Dealer Ideas to get you started. Then call us with specific questions.

What Do I Need in a Fixed Location Shop?

For plural component products such as truck bed liners, trailer floor coatings, or many manufacturing processes, a ventilated and dedicated spray area is required.

What Do I Need in a Mobile Coatings Unit?

The MCU (Mobile Coatings Unit) carries everything needed for completing the job on location. The size and configuration depends on the type of application and products you choose. We outfit your MCU to meet those needs.

Is a Protected Territory Provided to Dealers?

Depending on the business plans, ArmorThane can provide an exclusive and protected territory to authorized dealers operating from a fixed location who offer products and services to the retail public. This is provided to the dealer at NO additional cost. The size of the territory is based on the population a dealer can service as determined by the type of equipment he will utilize and the types of products he is capable of applying. Mobile Coatings Dealers, who must travel to the job site, are not restricted by territorial boundaries except as to protect the territory of a fixed location dealer performing the same function.

Does ArmorThane Provide Training?

Absolutely. Comprehensive training is at the core of ArmorThane's commitment to their dealers. You will not find a company more dedicated to proper training than ArmorThane. We will provide complete training to you and your staff specific to the equipment and products you have chosen. ArmorThane cannot be successful unless you are successful.

Must I Travel to Receive Training?

In most cases, ArmorThane offers training on-site at your location. This is one of the unique features provided by ArmorThane that sets us apart from any competition. By training at your location, our technician is able to observe your real-world environment, shop setting, application intentions and other factors related to your success. We can then determine the best set-up and operation of your new equipment to be the most profitable for your company. He will make certain that all supplemental equipment (compressors, moisture filters, air dryers, electrical supplies, etc.) are all appropriate for your business and compatible with your system. He will also make certain that your equipment is running and operational before he departs. This way you (and your employees) don’t have to miss three or four days at the shop to travel. With on-site training from ArmorThane, you can be assured of a smooth start to your new coatings operation.

What Type of Support Can I Expect?

ArmorThane offers ongoing technical support that’s just a phone call away. In addition, we are always working on new products and process improvement. We refer inquiries from our advertising and have marketing materials for dealers. The Dealers Only section of our website has Manuals & Guides, Monthly Specials, Tech Tips, Technical Data Sheets, Newsletter Archives, MSDS, and refresher Training Videos available 24/7.

What Makes ArmorThane My Best Choice?

ArmorThane offers more than our competitors and at a better value. With no franchise fees or royalties, your business keeps more profit. We offer both high and low pressure plural component equipment, much of which we custom manufacture in several models ranging from small to high volume applications. ArmorThane can provide several types of products including polyurethane, hybrid polyurea, pure polyurea, polyaspartic, polyester polyurethane, product containing thermoset plastic blends, expanding foam insulation and more. We offer stationary systems and complete, custom-built Mobile Coatings Units. Expert training and on-going technical support provides dealers with the knowledge they need.

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Get more landscape architecture projects with ArmorThane products. These could include sprayed-in fish ponds, decorative pool decks and other unique features.
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Commercial floor cleaning services can offer safety and decorative coatings for business entrances, school steps, showrooms, warehouses, restaurant kitchens and more.
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8 REASONS FOR ArmorThane

Both interiors and exteriors benefit from a range of ArmorThane products including decorative patios, garage floors, commercial roofing and expanding foam insulation.


Without a profit stealing franchise model that restricts business potential, we assist you in developing a financial plan and formulating product costs that position you for success once you join the ArmorThane applicator network. Starting your own coatings business has never been so easy. Fill out the form below to become an applicator today!

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A Small Investment For Coating Equipment And Products Will Get You Started In A New Polyurea, Polyurethane, And Spray Foam Business Or Increase The Revenue Of An Existing Company.

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