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Protecting Your World



Government Regulations
in the Oil Industry

The U.S. and other governments require containment of fracking fluids and other potential spills at oil and gas drilling sites. ArmorThane offers proven cost-effective methods to build the most reliable containment systems available. These systems meet or exceed regulations and help protect the company from environmental liability.



ArmorThane offers polyurea as well as polyurethane and other polymers for sprayed-on coatings. These are specifically designed for building a number of containment systems used in the oil and gas drilling industries. Spraying a sand or soil pit covered with a geotextile material creates a bond that makes these barriers virtually indestructible being tear resistant, corrosion resistant and much more leak-proof. Our coatings do not absorb and will not react with chemicals, so spills and other fluids sit harmlessly in the containment structure.

The coating molds seamlessly to any in-ground pit or above-ground containment vessel. This offers the flexibility of creating an impermeable membrane that exactly fits the shape, even where poles, pumps and other internal or external structures attach. In addition to geotextile materials, our products coat a variety of surfaces including concrete, metal, plastic, fiberglass and wood.

The Oil & Gas industry operates in a variety of climates. ArmorThane sprayed products have excellent performance in extreme cold, blazing heat, soggy humidity, brittle dryness and freeze-thaw cycle expansion and contraction without degrading.

These spill berms, containment booms, tanks and pit solutions are easy to install and have low maintenance. With our custom-built Mobile Coatings Unit, spraying is done at any oil and gas field. It can be taken site to site or remain stationary for multiple projects.

Top Uses by the
Oil and Gas berm coatings Industry

Secondary and primary containment applications include:

  • Saltwater Disposal Wells (SDW)
  • Evaporative Ponds
  • Frac Pits for Holding Drilling Wastes and Fluids
  • Drilling Site Liners for Catching Spills
  • Liners for Building Emergency Water Ponds for Fires
  • Above-Ground Water and Fuel Tanks
  • Trenches or Baffle Curtains


Gas berm coatings
mine equipment polyurea coatings 1


Coatings are often applied to trucks and other equipment to add years of service. This may be bed liners, construction equipment blades, excavating and drilling equipment and more.

Pipelines are much more resistant to cracking and deterioration when coated with ArmorThane. Products both prevent and repair pipeline corrosion.

In remote areas, potable water tanks are required. ArmorThane has a leak-proof and US ANSI NSF-61 certified potable water coating that is safe for drinking vessels.


Key Coating Products for
Oil and Gas Industry Projects


ArmorThane coatings are used in the Oil and Gas Industry for primary containment and secondary containment using metal, plastic, concrete; sealed or open air; permanent or temporary; water, fuel, waste, acidic and caustic compounds. The goal is for corrosion resistance, prevention of cross-contamination, substance integrity and protection against leaking. Here are products typically used:

oil containment polyurea


  • EnviroThane – modified polyurea: top-of-the-line chemically resistance and impermeable membrane; quick set time; excellent flexibility; extremely low shrinkage rates (even better than typical elastomers)
  • Armor HiChem – polyurea: most comprehensive chemical and corrosion resistance; good skid resistance; very good impact and abrasion resistance; ideal for chemically corrosive material handling
  • STS 300 – polyurethane: greater abrasion resistance than STS -200; low permeability for superior chemical resistance
  • HighLine 310 – polyurea: sets as quickly as 2 seconds; very good impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance; consistent qualities even in extreme hot or cold climates
  • HighLine 510 H – pure polyurea: excellent corrosion resistant material; superior skid resistance; harder version and more abrasion resistant version of the HighLine 510; lower sensitivity to moisture for spraying in environments that don’t allow other elastomeric coatings options
  • UltraTech – pure polyurea: most wear-resistant material, outstanding abrasion/friction resistance; incredibly high tensile and tear strength along with excellent elongation

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