Slip and Skid Resistant Applications

Accidents happen most often in areas where momentary or consistent wetness occurs from rain or snow, water processing, cleaning, or human or animal excretion. These are some of the ArmorThane applications:

  • Decks, Porches, Sidewalks
  • Marinas, Boat Decks
  • pic of water glass tilted
  • Grocery Fresh Produce Aisles
  • Outdoor Steps, Ladders
  • Utility & Service Equipment
  • Running Boards, Trailers
  • Mining and Other Industrial
  • Drilling Rig Mats
  • Entryways and Lobbies
  • Farm Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Hospital, Clinics
  • Schools, Daycares
  • Kennels, Veterinaries
  • Manufacturing
  • Car Washes

In addition, industrial and commercial processes apply ArmorThane to prevent slipping or skidding on transportation, conveyor belt/pulley systems and other areas where movement causes damage or accidents.