Commercial buildings and spaces present different challenges from residential buildings. ArmorThane has experience in a wide range of commercial insulation installations. We deliver the best insulation solutions from hospitals to restaurants, office towers, and shopping malls.

Whether you strive to hit an energy target, are operating on a slim budget, or your business resides in an old structure, commercial Insulation will benefit your operation. It will contribute to your establishment's slicker, leaner, and more energy-efficient running. 

We would love to be your go-to partner in energy efficiency! You can call on us for the commercial Insulation you need!




Insulation for Commercial Structures

There are many kinds of Insulation for commercial applications. Our expert commercial insulation installers understand the best kind of Insulation for commercial buildings. We offer a variety of options, including:

  • Injection Foam Insulation – Injection foam insulation can be added to existing walls by injecting it into the closed space via a small hole. It expands and fills the space.
  • Blown-in Blanket Insulation – blown Insulation fills the space, so there are no gaps or holes. This blanket of Insulation delivers excellent thermal efficiency and even supplies sound dampening. Blow-in-Blanket loose fiberglass insulation will never settle, meaning it will maintain its high R-value over its entire lifetime.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – Spray foam insulation forms as a liquid. It is spread through a nozzle. Once released from its liquid form, it expands up to 100 times its initial volume. This expansion helps it fill even the tiniest of spaces. The foam dries swiftly and becomes solid. It is available in two forms:
  • Closed Cell Foam (Polyurethane) – Closed-cell foam isn't as low cost as open-cell foam, but it provides a much higher R-value. It is denser, and its glue-like consistency adds structural stability to a wall, ceiling, or roof.
  • Open Cell Foam – Open-cell foam is less expensive than closed-cell foam and has a lower R-value per inch, so a thicker layer is required. The open-cell foam may be more cost-effective if the area is deep enough to allow for a thicker application.

As you can see, there are numerous options for commercial Insulation. But don't worry, the expert installers at ArmorThane will help you discover the right solution for your building and your budget. We always try to maximize your resources for the best outcomes possible, regardless of the size of the job. Our company earns its keep by serving each customer's requirements to our best abilities. We don't mind getting involved even midway through a construction project. What matters is our energy consultants help you refine your business' energy use before a single more dollar goes to waste.

Trust only ArmorThane for commercial Insulation. Contact us today whether you wish you become an applicator yourself or if you would like to have one of our expert installers give you a quote.