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Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Protect Your Entire Vehicle with ArmorLiner Body Armor

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If you utilize your truck as much and as hard as intended, it will eventually become spotted with scratches, dents, and nicks that come with enduring brutal weather conditions and off-roading. To maintain a great look and protection from the sun, storms, and everyday wear and tear, the ArmorThane protective coating professionals offer a full-body exterior application that will last for the life of your vehicle.


Full Body Vehicle
Protective Coating​




Over time and with constant use, the paint on your truck, boat, bike, or vehicle will deteriorate and fade. The premium quality ArmorLiner Body Armor provides a full-body protective coating that will stop rust and is resistant to dings, nicks, and scratches caused by kicked-up gravel or driving through a densely wooded area. ArmorLiner Body Armor forms an impenetrable barrier against small scratches or significant dents.

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ArmorThane Body Armor Customized to Your Vehicle’s Look and Style​

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ArmorLiner Body Armor offers exterior protection for the life of your vehicle. This added layer of protection is applied through a heating process that will practically paint the material onto the exterior parts of the vehicle that are most vulnerable to damage. The protective coating also improves the look and style of your truck, RV, boat, or bike with customized colors and personalized stylings.


Impact and abrasion resistance qualities in ArmorLiner are applied to withstand the harshest forms of abuse from the road and the severe, changing weather conditions throughout the year. ArmorThane technicians treat your vehicle as if it were their own, taking great care when applying our ArmorLiner protective coating products.




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Benefits of ArmorLiner



ArmorLiner expands the vision of our highly successful spray-on bedliners and features many of the same benefits in protecting your vehicle.


  • Forms permanent bond will never crack, bubble, or peel
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust and leaks
  • Absorbs impact and dampens road noise
  • Custom color coat technology offers personalized looks
  • Eco-friendly materials free of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Lasts the life of your truck



Why Choose ArmorThane?​

ArmorThane wants to help keep your truck looking great and protected for many years. We have all the essentials you need to protect your vehicle and look amazing on and off the road. Our spray-on bedliner and specialty ArmorLiner protective coating options deliver full protection from heavy usage and weather elements. 


For more info on our wide selection of ArmorThane protective coating options like the ArmorLiner Body Armor, please browse our online catalog, or contact ArmorThane today to have all your questions answered by a knowledgeable representative. 


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