Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Boost The Presence Of Your Coatings Business

boost the presence of your coatings business

The Coating Industry Is
A Booming Market

The coatings market has grown over 15 percent in the past five years, which is no surprise for those in the business. The demand for polyurea coatings is expected to drive this growth as more and more companies realize the benefits and value of polyurea as it is still relatively new in the scheme of things. Of course, with the growth of demand, more and more competitors will be vying for your customers’ business. That’s why it’s important to have a powerful and proactive marketing strategy to gain more clients.


Congratulations, pat yourself on the back if you’re an ArmorThane applicator. This means you’re already way ahead of the game regarding your online presence. There is no other coating company growing year over year as rapidly as ArmorThane. There is no other coating business offering the tools ArmorThane offers FOR FREE to boost your overall presence leaps and bounds over your competitors. With our blog network of over 200 websites, there is not a day in the year that we are not uploading content, posting pictures, making videos, and working on our overall web reach. We have a marketing team that works tirelessly to make sure ArmorThane and its applicators remain a common name in the coatings industry.

You may be saying, “this sounds great, but how do I get more clients calling my phone or people walking in my doors?”

If you are asking these questions, what you are missing is a great marketing campaign.

But how?

Don’t worry; ArmorThane can help you out!

Having the
Proper Marketing Strategy

One of the many perks you get when you become an ArmorThane Coatings applicator is ArmorThane’s total backing with your marketing efforts. ArmorThane provides a wealth of material to help promote your brand. This includes custom tri-fold brochures explaining the benefits of using ArmorThane products, powerpoints, stickers, banners, and decals.
When creating your marketing strategy, the one avenue you shouldn’t ignore is social media. According to a recent report, 47 percent of millennials are influenced by social media purchases. Nearly one in three U.S. consumers are influenced by social media when purchasing something.

These are stats as a business owner you can’t ignore.

When everyone is online, it’s important to have a good internet presence in this day and age. And that means social media accounts and a good-looking, informative website. It’s important to create content for your website and social media accounts continuously. 

ArmorThane has a blog network of over 200 websites. We would love to capture videos and pictures of your business and send them to the thousands of subscribers on our mailing list. If you would like to be mentioned or have some specialized projects coming up, let us know.

Keep in Mind...

If you’re still lost as to what you can do to market your coating business, here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to help:

Word of Mouth: The best marketing strategy is still word of mouth. Ask your customers to review you on social media and Google. Potential clients are more likely to hire someone with a good review than someone without a review or a bad one.
Branding: Branding is just as vital as word of mouth. Make sure your company’s name is attached to any job you have done. Don’t forget to add your company’s name to any trucks you own!
Email: Email your customers with special offers and deals. By keeping them in the loop, your past customer may come back.
Lost? We Can Help!

If you’re an ArmorThane dealer and need help with your marketing efforts, just let us know. Contact the ArmorThane marketing department today for more information.

Also, be sure to join our mailing list, so you don’t miss out on more content like this.


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