Unlimited Top Coating Options Give
Long-Lasting Protection from the Most Intense Sunlight

  • Permanent Aliphatic Colors
  • Aliphatic Colors Won’t Fade Over Time
  • Aliphatic Colors Won’t Fade in Water

Whereas other coatings are limited in color and can fade over time, ArmorThane has a number of options that contain high levels of UV protection. These aliphatic chemicals withstand the most adverse conditions, including prolonged direct sunlight, temperature variations, and water.

  • Revitalizes old truck beds to look new
  • Adds after-market protective detailing on Jeep wells, boats, RVs, trailers and campers
  • Gives long-lasting colored coatings to patios, porches, fountains, ponds and pool areas
  • Ensures permanent identification and safety coloring on industrial equipment, tanks, pipes
  • Provides maintenance free markings on commercial and industrial signs, walkways

STS ColorCoat™

ColorCoat Two-Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat

Apply any color to new ArmorThane coating or refinish previously applied topcoats.

  • Provides the most color options – virtually any color mix
  • Solvented based, quick curing, liquid applied topcoat (3:1 ratio)
  • Minimal solvent additive for smooth, easy application and uniform look and color
  • Developed to provide a high level of UV protection to coatings with less UV resistance
  • Thinner layer over a base coating
  • Specify OEM Paint Code
  • Applies using a brush, resin core roller or HVLP spray gun
  • Superior color retention – fade resistant

Choose Your Color

  • Match ArmorThane coating to the color of any factory-painted vehicle, even whites and metallics
  • Select a wide range of customized colors and designs to create exciting contrast
  • Use a dynamic color range of choices from subtle to vivid
Truck Bed Liners Match or Contrast Manufacturer Colors Pick a Permanent Truck Bed Liner Color Mix or match truck bed liner colors

STS UV Topcoat™

ArmorThane UV Topcoat – Two-Component Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane

  • Heavy duty – used for high performance applications such as industrial equipment, OEM and exterior finishes
  • Extremely chemical resistant
  • Highly durable for outside conditions
  • Superior color retention – UV fade resistant
  • Low VOC formula to comply with today’s rigid standards
  • 3:1 ratio
  • Six basic colors
  • Build to desired thickness over polymer base coatings
  • Recoats well at any time
  • Applies using a brush, resin core roller or HVLP spray gun

UV Color Fade Resistant and Decorative Coatings

These ArmorThane coatings resist fading without topcoat applications:

HighLine 410 1:1 Aliphatic Polyurea

  • Colorfast, UV fade resistant coating
  • Used for outdoor flooring, water features and marine applications
  • Learn more about Polyurea

ArmorFloor Aliphatic Polyaspartic 2-Part Flooring System

  • Incredibly resilient concrete coating; easy to clean; resistant to discoloring effects of chemical spills and cleaning agents
  • Options of faster dry or longer setting time for larger projects with application of color chips or particulates
  • Used on residential and commercial garage floors, manufacturing and industrial floors
  • Learn more about ArmorFloor

All products require a professionally trained applicator.