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Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Coating Floors & Walls With ArmorThane


There are many reasons why applying polyurea on walls and floors is a good idea. Most people would say to improve the aesthetic look of their properties, giving them the much-needed leverage when the time comes to sell the property. For the most part, however, a boost in the look of one’s property can be a source of contentment and pride for the owner and the other occupants of the building. Coating walls and floors can provide a certain character to the building that helps create a statement towards reinforcing the vision for the property.

For gym owners, they know even the small things like decorations of the exercise room can add to a person’s experience in a gymnasium. Our polyurea coatings can be employed to establish a decorative finishing that matches the flooring needs and designs. Therefore, you can easily incorporate various polyurea designs to attract or motivate clients at a gym or at home. Workouts are part of everyday activities for many people, and you need a safe environment to do your exercises. Due to lower-quality surfaces, many people have suffered injuries while in public and home workout gyms. The quality of floors and walls plays a prominent role in determining the suitability of a workout environment. Floor coatings are amongst the most suitable ways of preventing injuries at gyms. 

Industry players don’t focus on aesthetics as the reason for applying high-quality coatings on their walls. For these members of society, their primary concern is keeping the integrity of the building. Polyurea has the uncanny characteristic of forming a protective layer on any surface. This can help strengthen the structure’s overall integrity by preventing moisture seepage from within and outside the wall or floor surface. Moisture is one of the most destructive elements that can undermine integrity and strength. For most of us, we know this as water damage. But for those in industrial and commercial businesses, look at it in terms of millions of dollars lost because of structural damage.

Extreme Industrial Coatings

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We take pride in the different coating products in our inventory. We ensure that only those products deemed effective in providing the kind of coating solution our clients need are stocked up for future use.

Our aftercare solutions are also well-known worldwide, especially those we have already worked with during the thirty years we’ve been in business. Our applicators are certified to apply such coating products on any surface type of wall. But they are not just here to apply polyurea; they are also well-equipped with the competencies to make adequate and appropriate preparations of the work area before commencing with the task.

Coating with ArmorThane starts with a very thorough assessment of the wall or floor you wish to have coated. One of our applicators will provide you with a very precise measurement of the surface area that needs to be coated. They will then assist you in selecting the right material to use on your wall or floor, depending on the type of substrate present on these surfaces.

Ultimately, however, it is your decision. Our applicators are only here to help you make a better-informed decision based on how you envision your wall or floor to be.

Once you’ve settled on the coating material you want to use, our applicators will estimate how much the coating job will cost.  

Get the Protection that You Need

At ArmorThane, we’re committed to giving you only the best service and coating results. Our finished work speaks for itself. When you decide to have your home gym, industrial facility, office, gymnasium, or any other commercial establishment coated, you’ll have a much better chance of improving the aesthetics of your place and boosting the structural integrity of your property.

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