Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

Outdoor Protection

Get pool decks, concrete patios and porches ready for summer! ArmorThane licensed dealers spray time-tested products that cover winter damage and bring new life to worn-down and aging outdoor surfaces. Polyurethane and polyurea chemical products form a permanent bond that protects for years. Spray-on coatings are applied to both residential and commercial outdoor areas for low maintenance, waterproofing and slip resistance. Leaks and small imperfections are sealed with no cracking or settling after application. There is no need to frequently paint or stain like wood. These surfaces are quick to clean and require no power washing. They even resist chemical exposure. Dealers access a variety of products that fit the job. Polyurethane and Polyurea Spray options are the toughest, most durable protective coatings for maximum weatherproofing and creating water barriers for multiple surfaces. ArmorFloor is especially designed for concrete surfaces and easy roll-on applications. ArmorShield provides the widest variety of decorative patterns, faux finishes and textures. This is a single component, waterborne polyurea containing recycled ground thermoset plastic. ArmorThane products are perfect for other outdoor applications including parks, zoos, playgrounds, sporting arenas, docks, parking garages, ponds and much more.
Get a wide variety of aliphatic colors that won’t fade even in harsh weather and long hours of exposure to sunlight. UV stability prevents the need for repainting and retains the desired color for years. Learn more about protecting water landscaping features such as fountains and ponds.  If you are frustrated with how fast wood decks deteriorate, go to this article on best coatings and a video on how ArmorThane stands up against rotary steel blades. Wood deck coating get a challenge with rotary steel blades

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A Small Investment For Coating Equipment And Products Will Get You Started In A New Polyurea, Polyurethane, And Spray Foam Business Or Increase The Revenue Of An Existing Company.

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