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Protecting Your World

Polyurea for swimming pool decks and fountains

Polyurea for swimming pool decks and fountains

Polyurea is one of the most powerful waterproofing solutions for swimming pool decks available on the market today. This high-strength elastomer is the most efficient material for spaces where the continuous passage of water can cause leaks, such as pools, fountains, waterparks, and gardens. It is widely used in modern buildings and in renovations, which are carried out swiftly and efficiently. Polyurea for pools gives total water tightness and excellent adhesion to the substrate, even with irregularities. This efficiency of adaptation to any material is one of the great characteristics of polyurea. The reason is that both pools and fountains can have an infinite number of different shapes and finishes and be on very different surfaces. Polyurea is also UV-resistant.

Step by step application of polyurea in swimming pool decks and fountains

Both in new construction and renovation, these are the basic steps for waterproofing swimming pool decks and fountains with polyurea:

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to treat the substrate, which, as mentioned above, can be of any type: concrete, acrylic paints, ceramics, old waterproofing materials, etc. It is always necessary to prepare the surface on which the polyurea will be applied, either in repair or new construction. In addition, this must be thoroughly cleaned and free of moisture to prevent the appearance of bubbles.
  2. Despite its superior adhesion capacity, it is advisable to use primers. If the surface is extremely smooth, sandblasting is recommended.
  3. Once this is done, the polyurea is sprayedforming a continuous membrane that will cover the entire pool or fountain. With this, you will achieve total water tightness, which drys in a matter of seconds. It is advised to apply it in thin layers, allow them to dry between one and another, and do it in a crossed way, once in each direction.
  4. It is time to add the bonding layer to install the coating. A specific material must be used, such as a final layer resistant to UV rays (aliphatic), chlorine, and saltwater.

Advantages of polyurea for swimming pool decks

One of the most compelling reasons to choose polyurea waterproofing is that it can be applied to almost any surface and material without joints or overlaps. In addition, it is quick-drying, so the job is completed in a few hours. 

In addition to mechanical and chemical resistance, elasticity, and thermal stability, polyurea has a long service life of up to 25 years. On the other hand, with a correct application, there is a complete guarantee of water tightness.

This synthetic polymer is a material that does not harm the environment, so polyurea for swimming pool decks is a highly recommended choice both to solve filtrations and for new work, all without losing sight of sustainability.


Note from the author:

Using polyurea for the interior of swimming pools is not guaranteed to work by ArmorThane because without the proper use of chemical blocking applications, normal polyurea has the potential to break down and cause issues.

It is therefore not recommended to coat the interior of swimming pools unless advised by one of our application professionals with the proper coating material selected.


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