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Protecting Your World

Polyurea Over Geotextile Fabric For Secondary Containment


Polyurea Spray Technology​

ArmorThane’s Polyurea coatings might be the answer you have been looking for when coating geotextile fabrics.

As a coating material, Polyurea has overcome traditional, environmentally friendly technology constraints, regarded as the greatest breakthrough in the painting and coating industries.

All the coating industries require containment and protective coating systems to meet strict industry requirements and withstand extreme weather conditions. ArmorThane’s Polyurea is the best product for secondary containment on geotextile fabrics because it provides a monolithic, impermeable lining that meets or exceeds these standards and installs within a day.




Due to it’s flexibility, seamless nature, and strength, ArmorThane’s polyurea geotextile geomembranes are being utilized as alternatives to traditional geomembranes. Seamless polyurea geotextile geomembranes are now preferred for many complex liner installations. However, standard geotextiles do not offer the optimum performance characteristics.


Polyurea spray technology is a fast-set elastomeric membrane system providing a monolithic, waterproof layer. 

The polyurea spray technology provides a quick return to service of the area under a range of ambient circumstances.

Polyurea solutions are also flexible at low temperatures, eliminating cracking problems associated with conventional liquid-applied coatings and sheet-good installed membranes.

The testing on polyurea spray was successful, and the technology is now categorized as a suitable secondary containment lining material.



Geotextile fabric

Geo-membranes are normally made from thin, relatively continuous polymeric sheets or a composite of a thermoset polymer applied to a synthetic geotextile. 

The seams between the sheets of geotextile fabric are normally sealed and glued together using weld seaming or glues for polymeric sheet goods or using

 the coating system for spray-in-place liners.


Why is Polyurea the best coating for
Secondary containment on geotextile fabric?


The following are only a few of the many advantages of encapsulating Asbestos and lead with polyurea coating.

· Not the compelling reason to discard expelled Asbestos – brings down the cost

· No requirement for rooftop expulsion – little to no down-time

· Long lasting – Outlives the planned life of the building

· Fireproof Can be connected to wet surfaces



  • The current trend in secondary containment construction is created by laying geo-fabric in the containment area and spraying a protective coating to provide seamless coverage over the geo-fabric. The coating most often used is polyurea elastomer. 
  • This system offers enhanced flexibility, rapid application, and cure speed for quick seaming compared to other systems.
  • Assembly is fast and easy because of this method’s ability to conform to various shapes and structures, such as pipes and tanks.
  • Polyurea provides chemical resistance to contain oil, drilling fluids, and reagents used in fracturing. 
  • The structural rigidity, fracture toughness, and elongation of the polyurea-coated geo-high fabric provide the strength necessary to withstand the impact of devices and equipment without spilling and superior cut tear resistance. 
  • Stress cracking is not normally a factor with polyurea products.

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Geo-fabric coupling with ArmorThane’s Polyurea provides the greatest technical solution currently available. Polyurea-coated geotextile membranes are probably the most advanced secondary containment technology. 

The new secondary containment requirements are looming on the horizon for any firms or groups that deal with hazardous chemicals. Armorthane’s Polyurea is specifically designed to be used over geotextile fabric. It is formulated for colder substrate applications and extreme outdoor conditions where water, humidity, or low temperatures may exist.

One of the quickest methods to create a trustworthy containment area around tank fields or drilling well heads is with ArmorThane’s Polyurea over geotextile.

Because of its strong adherence to suitably prepared surfaces, ArmorThane’s Polyurea is excellent for mainlining and repair operations. 

 Just as the contractors always strive to provide the best work possible, various efforts are being made to ensure the best possible Polyurea product. ArmorThane holds the promise to give the best Polyurea for secondary containment systems. One may now picture its significance in providing endless possibilities in the painting and coating industries. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve tried various companies that are not working, then you need to go with ArmorThane’s products. It’s never too late to make a better decision!


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