Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World

ArmorDeck Coating –
Two Step Process

  • ArmorDeck™ Basecoat SF is a single component, high solids, solvent free, low odor, environmentally safe, liquid applied, moisture cured, aromatic urethane polyurea elastomeric waterproofing base membrane.

  • It is typically used as an exterior coating on concrete or plywood decks, patios, walkways, marinas and sports areas.

  • ArmorDeck Topcoat is a polyester, aliphatic, single component, liquid applied, moisture cured, urethane polyurea surface protection coating. This adds durability, excellent weatherability, seamless waterproofing membrane, UV resistance and abrasion resistance. It is imperative that ArmorDeck Topcoat be applied within 48 hours.

  • Slip resistance Color Quartz or other abrasive materials may be applied. Decorative Color Chips are often used for design.

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Application Method:

Roll on

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Wide Range Of Possible Applications