Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World



As one of the most advanced flooring solutions available to the market, polyurea provides homeowners with an exceptional level of strength and durability. Not only is polyurea developed to withstand the harshest abuse, but it will also resist the harshest elements. Things like oils and chemical spills can be easily cleaned while leaving no damage or stains to your basement floor.


One of the primary considerations with floor coatings is the strength and durability the coating delivers. You’ll have a coating that forms a superior bond with concrete surfaces with polyurea. Not only will you be provided with the greatest bond, but you’ll also have a more rapid solution than all the other coating types out there. Polyurea has one of the fastest curing times available on the market. However, don’t confuse this band with a rigid coating that won’t allow wiggle room. Polyurea expands and contracts with the changing temperatures of any environment. Thus, the potential of spalling is minimized significantly.




Under the harshest circumstances, polyurea will maintain its color. Often, colors will fade. Polyurea won’t fade or yellow even under prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. However, you can protect your investment by choosing a polyurea floor coating.


Along with superior durability, a certain resistance level must be maintained for the product’s strength to remain intact. Polyurea provides resistance to surface scratching, water penetration, oils, and other chemicals that may be found in your garage. This resistance will enhance the durability of polyurea and protect the integrity of your investment.



One of the most familiar circumstances in unfinished basements is water seepage. With the introduction of water from cracks in the concrete foundation and walls, you’re opening your home up to mold and mildew growth. These two elements can put your family at risk for various unwanted results when left untreated. However, with waterproof polyurea floor coating, you can put these fears aside and have peace of mind knowing your basement is protected.



From game rooms to in-home movie theaters, you can quickly create a space that brings your family together. With hectic schedules day in and day out, the time spent together should be valuable. Therefore, you can create an environment that both kids and adults enjoy with basement floor refinishing.




As one of the most advanced flooring solutions available to the market, polyurea provides homeowners with an exceptional level of strength and durability. Not only is polyurea developed to withstand the harshest abuse, but it will also resist the harshest elements. Things like oils and chemical spills can be easily cleaned while leaving no damage or stains to your basement floor.


If you’ve been considering remodeling your basement, now is the time. Contact our team at ArmorThane and start your journey with basement floor refinishing. From solid colors to customized looks, we have the experience and expertise your home deserves. 




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Waterproofing / Weatherproofing

Ultimate weatherproof coatings to strengthen and waterproof structures. Polyurethane, polyurea coatings for permanent wood, metal, concrete protection.
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Cannabis Grow Facility Floor Coatings

Like every other new industry, widespread acceptance and market expansion bring regulation to the cultivation of cannabis.
1 Enhance your pool decking

Pool Deck Resurfacing

We can help re-design your pool deck and outdoor living area with decorative concrete with a beautiful new look. We have many concrete resurfacing options including polyaspartics, polyurethanes,& polyurea.
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Concrete Coatings

ArmorThane protective coatings and concrete sealers are durable, chemical resistant and attractive. Especially developed for concrete, these coatings can withstand the harsh elements and wide range of temperatures for many years. They bring a more professional and attractive look to concrete surfaces.
Spray foam insulation sealing

Spray Foam Insulation

Polyurethane expandable spray foam insulation becomes rigid giving high R-Value which lowers utility bills, actually strengthens structures.
Coating water trench


Protect ponds, fountains, patios, other landscaping features with permanent sprayed on coatings. Repair cracks. Add waterproof seals. Prevent color fading.
Best Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Construction Flooring

Durable, attractive, non slip coatings permanently repair, refinish concrete and wood floors indoors or out…basement, warehouse, patio, garage, more.


Repair Roof Leaks and Permanently Seal
Grand Rapids Metallic Epoxy at Freds Pizza

Foodservice / Healthcare

Coatings permanently seal and waterproof surfaces for more effective cleaning and non slip protection against unexpected spills, leaks. Food, medical safe use.
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small investment

A small investment for coating equipment and products will get you started in a new polyurea, polyurethane, and spray foam business or increase the revenue of an existing company. With no franchise fees or royalties, starting a protective coating business or other ArmorThane dealer business is a relatively low cost venture.

We provide personal training to get your new polyurea or polyurethane system up and going. Plus, we have a dedicated support team ready to assist you anytime you need us.

We sell to dealers around the world who use our products for a wide variety of applications. These include everything from truck bed liners to animal habitats.




ArmorThane offers ongoing technical support that’s just a phone call away. In addition, we are always working on new products and process improvement. We refer inquiries from our advertising and have marketing materials for dealers.

The Dealers Only section of our website has Manuals & Guides, Monthly Specials, Tech Tips, Technical Data Sheets, Newsletter Archives, MSDS, and refresher Training Videos available 24/7.


We have an award winning SEO and graphic design team on staff that is here to assist you with getting your business instant success. Have a project you need help with? Give us a call!


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A Small Investment For Coating Equipment And Products Will Get You Started In A New Polyurea, Polyurethane, And Spray Foam Business Or Increase The Revenue Of An Existing Company.

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