When it comes to RV roofing, many RV enthusiasts will tell you "out of sight, out of mind”. However, if you do not take care of your rig and inspect your seams regularly you will end up with expensive-to-repair water damage or a ruined roof that will have to be completely replaced. Just skimming through the RV message boards you will find countless RV owners searching for solutions to their leaking rubber or fiberglass roofs. Most RV roof materials, such as rubber and sheet plastics need to be renewed every two years for their durability and people are always looking for a better way of sealing their roofs up...FOR GOOD!

If you are tired of having to climb up and down the ladder to treat or coat your RV roof every couple of months, it's time to STOP and experience a better and more convenient solution.  Installation can be quick, simple, and easy as well as prep and set up time. Most importantly, NO MORE MAINTENANCE!




ArmorThane has completely changed the RV industry with its spray polyurea technology that creates seamless sprayed RV roofs. ArmorThane's RV roof coatings create a shield of protection over your RV roof with cutting-edge technology and performance. Engineered with "Green" solvent-free polymers, ArmorThane RV roof coatings outperform traditional solvent and solvent-free products, urethane, thermoplastic acrylic, elastomeric, and other protective coating products. Additionally, ArmorThane has minimal impact on the applicator and the environment. ArmorThane coatings create a durable, flexible and resilient barrier that helps prevent damage from severe weather and it will greatly extend the life of your roof. Your RV will be watertight without any additional caulking. Unlike roll-on coatings or do-it-yourself roof kits, ArmorThane coatings are professionally spray applied for maximum adhesion and longevity.

ArmorThane, the industry leader, has the solution to your RV roofing problems. The 100% spray-on polyurea protective coating forms a barrier against water seepage and deterioration. It is the only long-term solution available. ArmorThane will last the lifetime of your rig without having to be resealed or resprayed.


Finally, there is a Convenient, Affordable, Permanent solution!

The ArmorThane Direct Bond RV roof system with a manufactured, custom fit.

  • Lightweight: Seamless, and maintenance-free.
  • Convenient: Our applicators will come to you and install
  • Affordable: Less expensive than a traditional roof
  • Bonds directly over rubber, metal, fiberglass or wood

ArmorThane quickly and efficiently solves the issues of rejuvenating old roofing materials on RVs. Click here to learn the ways you could save thousands using ArmorThane's RV roof coating today!