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As far as waterproofing products and solutions suitable for water tanks are concerned, polyurea is one of the most durable and reliable protective coatings available on the market. It’s not just that polyurea is extremely tough and waterproof. It’s also extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion-resistant. These are essential characteristics that guarantee the durability and superior efficiency of water tank liners used for industrial, commercial, and residential applications

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What is the Definition of
Polyurea Protective Coating For Waterproofing?

Polyurea is a compound formed through a reaction when isocyanate and a mixture of synthetic resins are combined to form an aliphatic or aromatic aggregate. When applied to tanks that contain water, polyurea forms a flexible but durable and impermeable protective membrane that blocks water and harmful pollutants from absorbing into various construction materials such as wood, concrete, and steel.

Polyurea has been a major contributor to its structural strength and lifespan for a long time by shielding the areas against abrasion and corrosion damage. Industrial-grade polyurea is employed for wastewater treatment across different cities throughout North America to protect tank the linings from extensive and pollutants damage.


Types Of Water Tanks Using
Polyurea Protective Coatings


Polyurea waterproofing products serve as a powerful protective coating on the following types of tanks.

Portable water tanks, which are used to store drinking water.

Stormwater tanks act as detention tanks to help to assist your local area with more manageable loads of water runoff, helping to prevent flooding.

Penstocks can be described as intake structures that help efficiently flow fluids and water in power plants, dams, wastewater treatment facilities, and hydroelectric power plants.

Silt gravity lines release systems where the area of water distribution is greater than the entrance points to the pipeline.

Industrial and domestic wastewater centers purify and process the water used by communities.

Water systems for nuclear, or the nuclear power cycle, use water in three ways to extract and process uranium fuel, create electricity and manage risk and waste.

Petrochemical industry effluents are used for oil as well as gas extraction.

Where Can I Get
Polyurea Waterproofing Products?

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