Coatings Repair Boat Hulls, Decks, Equipment

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Bedliner Coatings Protect New and Used Boats

Bass boat non-slip spray on flooring

The best protection against floating debris in lakes and rivers is to have pontoons and boat hulls sprayed with polyurethane or polyurea. Our coatings add the toughest shield available to prevent or at least reduce damage. This could mean the difference between losing or saving the watercraft.

The products are the same tough material used in truck bedliners and are scratch and dent resistant. Another benefit is that the surface becomes waterproof and does not corrode with chemicals such as gas or oil spills. Get yourself a sprayed on boat bedliner today!

Repair for Damaged Decks and Hulls

Should an accident or age deterioration occur, coating with ArmorThane can seal cracks and waterproof fiberglass, metal (aluminum and steep) and wood decks and hulls. The challenge with repairing metal and wood is that all rot, rust and corrosion must be removed and fixed or the damage will continue to spread. Professionally applied, ArmorThane dealers know how to repair problems without simply creating a waterproof barrier.

Color Selection and Fade Prevention

Boat hull coating

ColorCoat makes color choice virtually unlimited. Our special topcoat has the unique quality of UV protection so color won’t fade even in intense direct sunlight.

Old boats take on new life with ArmorThane. They become attractive and safe again. Stencils can be used to add a logo or striping that won’t peel, scratch or chip.

Military Grade Coatings

Law enforcement boats hull protection

In areas where water patrol can be a lot more dangerous than Sunday skiers, ArmorBlast and UltraBlast pure polyurea coatings offers another line of defense. These are the same material used in military vehicles to decrease damage from explosions and gun fire. Coatings add safety against hidden stumps and floating debris during a chase through narrow waters.

Spraying Beyond Boats

Dock non-slip coatings for protection from the elements

Why stop with boats? ArmorThane coatings are used on tool boxes, storage, and coolers.

Commercial marinas and private dock floors and support beams repel water and weather damage. Coatings actually strengthen docks against wind and hail. Eliminate injury from wood slat splinters and warping.