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Probler P2 Spray Gun

Recognized by the industry for its most dependable performance, the P2 guns slick yet simple design lets you spray and maneuver easily – even in hard spraying positions. At the end of the day, maintenance on this gun is simple and less time consuming than any other gun on the market. This means you will spend less time doing maintenance on the gun and more time spraying!

The P2 has check valves that stop the liquid portion from infiltrating the dry part of the gun. So unlike other guns, you will not be spending your time with tiny bits, clearing out air passages to keep your gun spraying.

  • The combination chamber insert can be changed without replacing the full chamber
  • Responsive trigger action – the twin-piston design offers more than 300 lbs of trigger force
  • Anti-crossover design virtually eliminates the chance of material entering the air piston

Prober P2 spray gun advantages:

The Probler P2 has fewer parts than any other gun accessible on the market today. Here is a list of some of the specs that set in apart from any other spray gun.

Excellent spray pattern – improved round bore and finish of the chamber interior results in an excellent material flow path and spray pattern

Less cleaning – up to five times longer run time without drilling out the mixing chamber

Lower cost maintenance – the chamber insert can be changed without changing the full chamber-which is the most expensive part of the gun

Simplified design – fewer parts, simple to service and less chance of having issues with tiny parts that have to be replaced ever so often. This allows for more work time for you!

Piston isolation – gets rid of cross over and potential debris in the air piston

Patented high-velocity piston –

This is a twin-piston design that provides more activate force from a small piston diameter.

The Probler P2 gun is simple to maneuver and lightweight – even in hard spraying positions. Its twin-piston design offers more than three-hundred products of triggering force – much more than a little piston diameter. The Probler P2 decreases maintenance rises, spraying uptime, and is simple to use.


  • Responsive activate action
  • Simple daily maintenance
  • Anti-crossover design virtually get rid of the possibility
  • Simple-to-change mix chamber insert
  • Ergonomic handle and balanced design
  • Anti-crossover design virtually get rid of the possibility of material entering the air piston

Patent-pending piston isolation design:

This unique porting in the Prober P2 virtually gets rid of the chance of material entering the air piston of the gun.

  • Applications
  • Ripe and tank coating
  • Roof coating
  • Truck bedliners
  • Secondary containment spill prevention
  • Roof and wall insulation
  • Waterproofing

The P2 spray gun works with polyurethane, adhesives, polyurea, and different roof coatings. Click here to contact ArmorThane today about how you can get your hands on one today!

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