Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World


ArmorThane Reduces the Impact from Bombs and Bullets


ArmorThane Reduces The Impact From Bombs And Bullets

ArmorThane UltraBlast™ -

ArmorThane UltraBlast™ is the strongest, toughest coating known to the industry, having physical properties that are approximately triple those found in other high quality polyureas. This is important for the safety of people, property and the environment.

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An explosion is a catastrophic event that can cause extensive damage in its wake. The sheer force and energy generated by an explosion can result in the destruction of buildings, infrastructure, and surrounding environments. When an explosion occurs, a sudden release of gases, heat, and pressure causes an immense shockwave to propagate outwards from the epicenter. This shockwave, along with flying debris and the intense heat generated, can lead to the collapse of structures, shattering of windows, and severe damage to surrounding areas. The impact of an explosion can be devastating, leaving behind a trail of destruction and posing serious risks to human life and safety.


Our Polyurea blast mitigation coatings are specially designed to withstand the destructive forces and impact of high-speed projectiles, shock waves, and other extreme forces that can compromise the safety and integrity of structures and equipment. Our advanced coatings deliver excellent strength and durability, as well as unparalleled resistance to abrasion, weathering, chemical exposure, UV radiation, and other common hazards.



ArmorThane‘s UltraBlast forms a strong “skin” that absorbs the shock to hold the surface together.  This maximum tensile strength and high elongation prevents or lessens cracking and fragmentation. The increased concussive force deflection and absorption works well with another of UltraBlast’s characteristics, its anti-spall protection.  These superior properties reinforce the matrix of a structure, adding protection at every point it is applied.

ArmorBlast™ is the original product developed to protect against explosions.  It is somewhat less expensive but still effective for many uses.

ArmorThane’s military-grade blast coatings have been tested on several structures consisting of concrete, tile and concrete masonry units (CMU) to simulate public buildings. These tests showed the products to significantly reduce building damage from explosion, compared to non-coated surfaces and other products.  Five types of testing sites have been used:

Uses of UltraBlast and ArmorBlast Coatings

Targets most likely at risk for damage caused by bombs include:

Not all dangers are due to terrorism; some facilities can be at risk for explosion.  In addition to planned attacks, these coatings can protect areas that can be vulnerable to industrial accidents such as oil, gas and chemical facilities. Products also protects against excessive friction and highly corrosive chemicals. These failures can cause costly damage and consequential environmental hazards.

Our coatings also add maximum durability against extreme weather such as high winds, flying debris and flooding.  In tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, coated structures resist cracking, spalling and water damage, depending on how and where the coating is applied.

UltraBlast and
ArmorBlast Compositions

Both blast protection products were developed by ArmorThane from a two-component 100% solid polyurea.  They are a 1:1, fast set, spray-applied hybrid polyurea elastomer that is 100% solids and VOC free.  Coatings are professionally applied with HighLine high pressure spraying equipment.

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Physical PropertiesTear*Tensile*Elongation*Surface Hardness*
ArmorBlast Pure Polyurea

ASTM D-2240 550 pli

ASTM D-412 3600 psiASTM D-412 350%ASTM D-1737 95-97 Shore A
UltraBlast Pure PolyureaDie “C” ASTM D‐624* 250 +/- 25 pliASTM D-412 7100 psiASTM D412 800%ASTM D-2240 50/95 Shore D/A

*Please note, spray equipment, testing parameters, and application environment may result in differing properties. Users should perform their own independent testing as properties are approximate. Technical Data Sheets offer more information.

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Watch Blast Testing Videos at University of Missouri Explosion Lab and in Iraq.

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