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FlexGard 75 Flexible Polyurethane

FlexGard 75– 1:1 Polyurethane

  • Flexible material achieving a high coefficient of friction, easily milled to exacting tolerances
  • Primarily used for conveyor systems and roller lagging, other specialty projects

Polyurethane Physical Properties




Surface Hardness*

FlexGard 75 Polyurethane

Die "C" ASTM D-624 250 +/- 25 pli

ASTM D-412 2300 +/- 300 psi

ASTM D-412 375% +/- 25%

ASTM D-2240 75-80 Shore A

*Contact us for Technical Data Sheets. Please note, spray equipment, testing parameters, and application environment may result in differing properties. User should perform their own independent testing as properties are approximate. All products require professionally trained applicators.