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SureGrip Soft Polyurea

SureGrip 1:1 Soft Polyurea

  • Greatest elongation properties, tensile and tear strength for high movement; adapts very well to multiple substrates; highest coefficient of friction, maxing out our slip resistance testing
  • Used on residential and commercial floors and outdoor walkways, especially those exposed to moisture
  • Also used in mining applications, secondary containment, marine and other manufacturing and industrial facilities

Ask about other products that can be textured or have particulates added for more grip and slip resistance.

Physical Properties Tear* Tensile* Elongation* Surface Hardness*
SureGrip ASTM D‐412 450 ± 50 pli ASTM D‐412 3000 ± 200 psi ASTM D‐412 650% ± 50% ASTM D‐2240   85 ± 5 Shore A

Aggregate Texturing

Depending on the type of polymer applied as the base, an abrasive aggregate will be spread before or during the final coating while the surface is still wet.

Non-Aggregate Textured Spraying

When abrasive aggregate is not desirable, especially in area where people walk with bare feet such as pool decks or showers, a non-slip, non-skid surface can still be applied. With polyurea or polyurethane spray coatings, the final treatment is “rougher” than the first applications. This is done by using the same ArmorThane polymer but holding the gun further away (7 to 8 feet from the surface) and quickly spraying back and forth. The coating falls as textured droplets. The more spraying done, the rougher the texture becomes.

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*Contact us for Technical Data Sheets. Please note, spray equipment, testing parameters, and application environment may result in differing properties. User should perform their own independent testing as properties are approximate. All products require professionally trained applicators.

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