Protecting Your World

Protecting Your World




High pressure applications are used primarily for larger industrial projects that benefit from faster spraying and a wide range of product solutions. These products are used with ArmorThane specialized high pressure
spraying systems.

These products are used with ArmorThane specialized high pressure spraying systems.

STS 200 Polyurethane

UltraBlast™ Pure Polyurea

UltraBlast™ Pure Polyurea from ArmorThane.
STS 200 Polyurethane

ArmorBlast™ Pure Polyurea

ArmorBlast pure polyurea from ArmorThane. Superior elongation properties, tensile and tear strength; material simultaneously mitigates
STS 200 Polyurethane

AquaSafe™ Pure Polyurea

Aquasafe pure polyurea from ArmorThane. Safe for storing drinking water or food materials
ArmorFoam™ – 1:1 Polyurethane Expanding Foam

HighLine 410 Aliphatic Polyurea

HighLine 410 Aliphatic Polyurea: Colorfast, UV fade resistant coating used for outdoor flooring, water features, and marine applications.
ArmorFoam™ – 1:1 Polyurethane Expanding Foam

HardCoat™ Rigid Polyurea

HardCoat™ Rigid Polyurea from ArmorThane. Used for coating foam to add rigidity or to spray the inside of a mold that holds its shape when released
ArmorFoam™ – 1:1 Polyurethane Expanding Foam

ArmorSeal™ 100 AL Polyurea

ArmorSeal™ 100 AL 1:1 Polyurea from ArmorThane.
Screenshot 1
STS 200 Polyurethane

ArmorLiner 1:1 Polyurea

Incredibly versatile coating commonly used for truck beds, roofing, and a variety of concrete applications
STS 200 Polyurethane

UltraTech™ Pure Polyura

UltraTech™ Pure Polyurea from ArmorThane.
STS 200 Polyurethane

EnviroThane™ Modified Polyurea​

EnviroThane™ Modified Polyurea from ArmorThane


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