Longer Equipment Life, Less Downtime

When constant use and abuse impact equipment performance, the best way to improve the odds is by using tough ArmorThane coatings. Advancements made in Polyurea and Polyurethane provide maximum protection against friction and corrosion of mining operations. Extending the life of equipment saves millions in replacement costs and downtime.

In addition to equipment, the entire corrosion-susceptible environment will benefit from being sprayed with plural-component polymers. ArmorThane products coat steel, concrete, wood and various geotextile materials.

Mining Equipment Corrosion Resistance

If equipment rusts, deterioration accelerates. Therefore, every piece of equipment that is or can be damaged and worn during extracting, moving, preparing and refining product should be coated. This includes sluices, gates, conveyors, ore cars, diggers, crushers, cleaners, pipes, truck beds, tanks and steel beams.

Vibration and Noise Reduction

In addition to creating corrosion resistance, impact protection and abrasion barrier, ArmorThane coatings reduce noise and vibration that can cause extra wear on bolts and gears.

Added Safety

Coatings can be applied with a smooth finish to promote sliding or textured for slip resistance.

Maintenance Alerts

While no coatings are more durable than ArmorThane, the reality is that any coating will eventually wear thin from this constant friction on equipment. By applying two coatings with different colors, maintenance teams have a visual inspection marker. For example, the base coat can be Caution Orange with a topcoat of Grey polyurethane. When the Caution Orange starts to show beneath, it is time to schedule a quick spray-on repair.

Wall Stability with Spray Foam

Polyurethane spray foam is used to fill cracks, reinforce rock stability, preventing minor groundwater inflow and improving ventilation controls. It even seals vacated mine shaft openings.

Primary or Secondary Containment

If primary or secondary containment is a concern, leaks are prevented by creating a seamless membrane even when filled with fuel, waste or other corrosive and caustic liquids. These coatings will not leach into or absorb contained materials.

Key Coating Products for Mining Industry Projects

Coatings designed for mining and mineral processing provide maximum protection against friction and corrosive elements. The goal is to extend the life of equipment, saving millions in replacement costs and downtime. Here are products typically used:

  • HighLine 310 – polyurea: sets as quickly as 2 seconds; very good impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance; consistent qualities even in extreme hot or cold climates
  • HighLine 510 – pure polyurea: excellent corrosion resistance; superior skid resistance; slightly slower set time for a smoother texture application; lower sensitivity to moisture for spraying in environments that don’t allow other elastomeric coatings options
  • UltraTech – pure polyurea: most wear-resistant material, outstanding abrasion/friction resistance; incredibly high tensile and tear strength along with excellent elongation
  • SureGrip – soft polyurea: greatest elongation properties, tensile and tear strength for high movement; adapts very well to multiple substrates; highest coefficient of friction, maxing out our slip resistance testing
  • ArmorFoam – polyurethane expanding foam: hardens to fill in cracks of varying sizes, reinforce highly fractured and unfractured rock for added stability, and prevent minor groundwater inflow

Mining Applications

Coated mining equipment.
Conveyor coating.
Mining coatings.
Sluice mining coating.