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Most Flexible and Reflective Coatings

ArmorSeal 100 AL is an elastomeric polyurea coating that transforms most existing roof membranes into an attractive and highly reflective surface with enhanced weathering characteristics.


Benefits Include

  • Seamless membrane application for Waterproofing
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Impact and Abrasion resistance
  • Low Temperature flexibility
  • Reflects heat and sunlight (reflective metallic surface appearance)




Most Flexible and Reflective Coatings Products

ArmorSeal 100 AL Polyurea

ArmorSeal™ 100 AL 1:1 Polyurea

  • Aluminized coating; light reflective; flexible for movement; waterproof
  • Perfect for spraying underlayment and a custom fit replacement roof for
    • RV’s
    • trailers
    • houseboats