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HardCoat Rigid Polyurea

HardCoat™ Rigid Polyurea


  • Extremely rigid material when set
  • Used for coating foam to add rigidity or to spray the inside of a mold that holds its shape when released
  • Excellent for building molded landscaping and water features
  • Used in strengthening and waterproofing Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) made from Styrofoam for foundations
  • Also available is a fire retardant version that is recommended for use with signs and displays in public areas

ArmorThane HardCoat is a fast setting, rapid curing, aromatic, two component hybrid polyurea/polyurethane spray designed to be applied over EPS, wood, and many other surfaces. Its excellent balance of stiffness and impact resistance provides excellent plastic “shell-like” protection for delicate foams and EPS. HardCoat’s chemical design allows fast, “user-friendly” application with excellent flow and appearance.


Application Process

Coverage: HardCoat may be applied at any rate to achieve desired thickness.

Surface Preparation: In general, coating performance and adhesion are directly proportional to surface preparation. Most failures in the performance of surface coatings can be attributed to poor surface preparation. Polyurea coatings rely on the structural strength of the substrate to which they are applied. All surfaces must be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, rust, corrosion, and other contaminants. When coating substrates previously used, it is important to consider the possibility of substrate absorption, which may affect the adhesion of the coating system, regardless of the surface preparation. ArmorThane recognizes the potential for unique substrates from one project to another. Refer to the technical bulletins in the ArmorThane Operations Manual concerning the preparation method for the substrate.

Application: Both Side A and Side B materials should be preconditioned to 70-90oF (21-32oC) before application.

Recommended surface temperature must be at least 5oF above the dew point.

ArmorThane HardCoat should be applied using a plural component, heated, high pressure 1:1 spray mixing equipment such as the ArmorThane HighLine Series.

Both Side A and Side B materials should be sprayed at a minimum of 2000 psi and at temperatures above 150oF (65oC). Adequate pressure and temperature should be maintained at all times. HardCoat should be sprayed in smooth, multidirectional passes to improve uniform thickness and appearance.


100 gallon kit: One 50 gallon drum of Side A and one 50 gallon drum of Side B.

Color: HardCoat comes in clear/neutral. Custom colors are available upon request. Pigments, when used, must be added to Side B. Due to its aromatic composition, HardCoat will tend to yellow or darken in color and will become flat after exposure to UV light. It may be topcoated within twelve hours of application with an aliphatic polyurethane/polyurea coating for a colorfast finish.

Safety and Handling

Do not handle until the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each component have been read and understood. Regulations require that all employees be trained on Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals with which they come into contact.

Warning: This product contains isocyanates and curative material.

Storage: ArmorThane HardCoat has a shelf life of one year from date of manufacture, in factory-sealed containers. Both Side A and Side B containers are recommended to be stored above 60oF (16oC). Avoid freezing temperatures. Store drums on wooden pallets to avoid direct contact with the ground. If stored for a long period of time, rotate Side A and Side B containers regularly.

Limitations: Do not open until ready to use. Both Side A and Side B containers must be fitted with a desiccant device during use.

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Decorations/Props Architectural Shapes Steel Coating Food Processing Plants Speaker Boxes Dock Flotations Wood Pallets/Crates Wood Cabinets


 Excellent Cold Temperature Impact Resistance  Plastic “Shell-Like” Protection  Low Shrinkage  100% Solids  Zero VOC  Meets USDA Criteria  Fast Cure  Excellent Thermal Stability  High Productivity  Excellent Chemical Protection



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