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Polyurethanes are plastic polymers that combine diisocyanates and polyols. There are hundreds of different kinds of polyurethanes, and each is made in a slightly different way:

What all of our products deliver, above all else, is protection. Whether installing an industrial roof with spray-on polyurethane to coat the entire structure or to strengthen a shingled roof, our products protect from the elements and sheer force, as well as provide extra insulation for your building.
The polyurethane industry is constantly seeking to lower its environmental impact. We are currently exploring ways of increasing the energy efficiency of manufacturing processes and creating end products that can be used to save energy, such as building insulation. These products assist families and businesses in decreasing their power bills while safeguarding the environment. Because polyurethanes are adaptable and ideal insulators, they offer many solutions to energy conservation and eco-design challenges. The future will likely bring further advancements in production methods, resulting in less costly and even more environmentally friendly polyurethanes.

ArmorThane offers a diverse selection of polyurethane coating products. Some have relatively broad use while others were developed to solve specific problems.

Chemical structure for polyurethane, by Chemical structure of Polyurethane

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