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HighLine Series Equipment Is Now Available

Available in four models to accommodate your specific market focus, the HighLine Series spray coating equipment offers the ability to apply polyurethane or polyurea protective products as well as the ArmorBlast blast mitigation and the ArmorFoam expanding foam insulation.

  • The most user friendly, maintenance free high pressure system available
  • Material flow rate up to 4 gallons per minute
  • Line set lengths up to 410 feet
  • Compatible with ArmorThane coating products
  • For both fixed location and mobile scenarios
  • Great pricing
  • Relay Logic technology - no circuit boards
  • Gun features revolutionary 360° rotational head and start-stop-start action

As part of a complete start-up package, ArmorThane provides all of the tools, equipment, supplies and training to become licensed and certified as an Authorized ArmorThane applicator.

ArmorThane HighLine Series equipment is also designed for companies who want to upgrade their existing business with the latest technology.

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