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Protecting Your World

Why DIY Polyurea Applications
May Be A Big Mistake

Why DIY Polyurea May Be A Big Mistake


If you regularly read this blog, you are aware of the advantages of polyurea coatings across a wide spectrum of applications. With all this information you have at your fingertips, why pay someone to apply the coating? Why not just do it yourself?

Yes, if you do a Google search, you will find thousands of DYI polyurea coating applications available on the market at present. They all promise quick installation and exceptional outcomes.

It’s not always the case. Here’s why.

What is a
DIY polyurea coating application?

You’re a homeowner, and you’re considering installing a polyurea coating on your garage floor. But the cost is just way too much for what seems like an easy task. So, you opt to buy a DIY kit.

Seems pretty simple, right? You just have to spray the coating right on the garage floor, let it cure for a few hours, and Voilà, you’re done…

Of course, it takes forever to get into all those cracks and crevices. And you’re not sure if you mixed the solution correctly because the coating seems to be coming out rather thin. And although you let it cure, you see little flecks of the coating coming off your floor after a few weeks. 

Ahhh, What happened?


diy polyurea

Why You Need a Pro to
install your coating

If you’re applying a polyurea coating, you must adhere to all instructions and ensure that the surface is prepared properly before installation. This is essential to ensuring that your coating lasts for a long time. If it is not properly prepared, the coating will not adhere to the floor and will flake. This means fixing the cracks, cleaning up any dirt or chemicals, and applying a primer.

Didn’t know that? 

You know who would have known? An expert would!

Another challenge you might encounter when working with DIY polyurea coatings is the materials. You may have never worked with these chemicals before, and If the mix isn’t made correctly, it could result in a less effective product.

You might also encounter spraying problems. You might decide to spray during a particularly stormy day or are trying to get it done in a hurry — you’re eager to finish this task so that you can get back to enjoying the remainder of your life! When you’re spraying the polyurea coating, the most important thing to be doing is rushing. It’s extremely easy to coat the product. You can easily overlook spots or apply more of the mixture in one spot than another. And even sometimes, the coating can go somewhere you don’t want it to go — like on your car. It’s extremely easy to overspray this product.


Contact ArmorThane for assistance with
your Polyurea Coating Installation

So before you buy a DIY polyurea coating system, please stop and think about it first. This can be a big project and one that needs attention and care. Think you’re up for the challenge?

If not, you should contact an ArmorThane applicator to help you. Contact us now for more information by clicking here.


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